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Greenville / Port Liberte

Greenville is the southernmost neighborhood in Jersey City, bordering Bayonne. An independent town through 1873, Greenville's street grid follows the boundaries of the old farm lots, resulting in narrow blocks of pretty row houses teeming with vintage architectural details—think intricate roof cornices and lintels, and bay and transom windows. Within Greenville also lies the master-planned community of Port Liberté, a sprawling assemblage of waterfront townhouses and condominiums with Statue of Liberty views. Inspired by the Côte d’Azur and the waterways of Venice, Port Liberté is laced with canals and boasts its own ferry dock, offering service to Downtown and Midtown Manhattan. If commuting on land is preferred, there's also a shuttle to PATH.

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Living in Jersey City

Jersey City—with its extensive business and residential development—has evolved into a cosmopolitan powerhouse to rival its neighbor across the water, New York City. What began as a trickle of people moving from Manhattan and Brooklyn has recently turned into something closer to a rapidly rushing stream, as newcomers discover Jersey City’s many advantages. Jersey City denizens—whether just arrived or natives who are affectionately referred to as the “born and raiseds”—enjoy one of the country’s best dining scenes, with the even New York Times admitting that the best New York pizza might be in Jersey City. The mix of architecture has something for everyone, with historic brownstones downtown, Victorian mansions in the Heights, and luxury waterfront condos. And if you do decide to venture over to NYC? It’s a quick train or ferry ride across the water, arriving in midtown or downtown in 30 minutes or less.