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Get to Know Cohasset

Cohasset is an idyllic New England town on the South Shore, about 20 miles south of Boston. Cohasset is small — just under 10 square miles — with a population of slightly more than 8,000 residents. Its name comes from the Algonquin word “quonahassit,” meaning a “long, rocky place.” Life in this seaside community is oriented towards the water and the town’s two beaches: Sandy Beach and Black Rock (or “Rocky”) Beach, both of which are open to residents only. During the summer, it seems like all of Cohasset heads to Sandy Beach, where there’s a full-time lifeguard and a snack shack with sandwiches (including lobster rolls), drinks, and ice cream. There’s also a lobster pound, a sailing club, and a yacht club in town. The commute to Boston is about an hour by commuter rail or ferry, whether you arrive by land or by sea.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Living on the South Shore of Massachusetts

The South Shore stretches all the way from Boston to Cape Cod, with some of New England’s prettiest coastal towns dotted along its shores. The South Shore’s exact boundaries are flexible, sometimes extending to include towns that are far inland, and at other times, even including the Cape itself. Generally, the South Shore is understood as comprising Cohasset, Hingham, Duxbury, Plymouth, and Scituate as its core towns. The commute from the South Shore to Boston is about an hour by car, train, or ferry, yet the towns feel very different from standard suburbia, as the region has a long history and identity of its own. The ocean is at the forefront of the South Shore lifestyle, even as many communities have evolved from fishing villages to splendid residential enclaves. Here, fresh seafood is always on the menu, the beach is nearby, and there are sailing and crew teams in every town.