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Get to know Greenpoint

Greenpoint is like a restored classic car or vinyl reissue of a landmark album, embracing its industrial roots while forging onward as an adored cultural hub for today's New Yorkers. In its manufacturing heyday, Greenpoint built the USS Monitor — the famed Union Army ironclad warship — dominated America’s porcelain industry, and produced an untold number of pencils. Some of those former brick warehouses were converted into modern homes, while others, particularly those on the east side of McGuinness Boulevard, remain bustling cradles of commerce. The waterfront that catalyzed Greenpoint’s industrial growth has played a starring role in its evolution, welcoming residents and visitors alike with a slower, more scenic pace of life beside the East River. McCarren Park serves as an unofficial dividing line between Greenpoint and Williamsburg and blesses the area with a vast space to throw or kick the ball around, swim some laps, attend an outdoor concert, or spread out for the day.

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Greenpoint Commerce & Culture

Wander Greenpoint’s streets, and it’s easy to understand why everyone is eager to hop a G train (or ferry) to Brooklyn's northernmost reaches. There’s a simultaneous calmness and liveliness in the air that's endlessly tantalizing. Despite boasting one of the city's best culinary bounties, Greenpoint's food offerings still feel underrated, even considering its mastery of virtually every genre of cuisine. From breweries and dives to posh cocktail-listening lounges and the world's first Michelin-starred beer bar, there’s also a sip here for everyone. And if you were worried at all Greenpoint might not be Brooklyn enough, rest assured the neighborhood is home to more than its share of indie bookstores, record shops, and vintage fashion boutiques, many of which can be found on (or just off) Franklin Street. Manhattan Avenue mixes in everyday staples, with even more shopping and dining found on Nassau and Driggs avenues from the Williamsburg border all the way to McGolrick Park.