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Get to know Midtown West

Eye-popping architecture, world-renowned landmarks, the epicenter of American theater, and more all reside in the middle of Manhattan’s West Side. For many, Midtown West is the image in mind when they picture NYC. Midtown West comprises an immense central business district with its eastern counterpart, home to countless offices and high-profile headquarters. But worry not; gorgeous high-rise apartment towers abound as well. There’s also a building you may have heard of called the Empire State Building, a structure synonymous with the city and in a class by itself when it comes to adoration and reverence. Many subway lines converge to travel across Manhattan — and well into Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens — which is without even mentioning bus service at Port Authority and train service at Penn Station. Life here means being at the very center of it all while simultaneously being near everything else in the city and beyond.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Midtown West Commerce & Culture

Unquestionably, New York City’s reputation as a cultural capital would not exist without Broadway. Eyeing stunning marquees, receiving a Playbill, watching phenomenal actors put on award-worthy performances that launch careers and cement legacies — all are woven into the fabric of what makes seeing a Broadway show a can’t-miss experience throughout the Theater District. Speaking of performing arts, Radio City Music Hall is an icon unto itself. It’s worth it to venture inside simply for the jaw-dropping interior design, let alone the illustrious act you’ll undoubtedly be seeing. Depending on the day or occasion, the area’s food options will have you covered, from on-the-go to cherished lunch spots to top-notch sit-down eateries. Perhaps surprisingly, certain hotels house among the best restaurants and bars in the neighborhood. And, of course, there’s Times Square. While unquestionably a tourist destination, it’s still a singular technicolor experience, loaded with shopping and entertainment.