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Get to know Sunset Park

Sunset Park’s namesake is an actual park in the area, which received its own moniker from the fact you can sit on its sloping hills and watch the sunset over the harbor. There may be few places better in the city to witness the sky above the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan’s iconic cityscape making its brilliant ombré transition into night. While residential development in Sunset Park expanded the rowhouse’s footprint across Brooklyn — with a specialty in the two-story-on-basement variety — the community gave rise to a movement that has since swept the city. Residents from neighboring Bay Ridge to far-off Inwood can thank Sunset Park locals for founding the city’s first co-op buildings on 43rd Street in 1916. Down on Brooklyn’s southwestern coast, Sunset Park captures much one could want out of a New York City neighborhood — plentiful public transit, blissful green space, waterfront views, fantastic food — and emerges as an exceptional entity.

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Sunset Park Commerce & Culture

In Sunset Park, the past has become integral to the area’s present. Bush Terminal was an industrial center boasting warehouses, railroad tracks, factory lofts, and numerous ports. It became a Navy base in the First World War and was a departure point for soldiers and cargo alike during the Second. Those 35 acres have been repurposed and transformed into Industry City, a sprawling hub for businesses, shopping, and eating. In particular, the cuisine choices directly reflect the dynamic community residing further inland. You’ll also find an ever-growing variety of globe-spanning options on the eastern side of the Gowanus Expressway, concentrated predominantly on Fifth and Eighth avenues. For sheer natural and architectural beauty, Green-Wood Cemetery cannot be missed. Take a single look at the Gothic revival entryway and understand why this solemn location has inspired awe and drawn temporary and permanent visitors for centuries.