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Get to know San Juan

The vibrant capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan, is the island’s biggest and most populous city. It’s a place where the past, the present, and the future sit side by side, and where 500-year-old forts are just blocks away from a brand-new, high-tech plaza. This is a city that loves joy—San Juan residents are known for their welcoming spirit and readiness to celebrate life. Whether San Juan is hosting an impromptu dance party or one of the city’s famous festivals, there’s always a sense of fun in the air. Thanks to its location on the coast, San Juan has a laid-back, beach town vibe that manages to co-exist with the city’s status as an urban capital. In some ways, San Juan resembles other major American metropolises, with a downtown financial district, trendy hipster neighborhoods, comfortable suburbs, and tourist hotspots. But it’s San Juan’s mix of beaches, multiple cultures, and Boricua pride that make the city unique.

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San Juan San Juan Commerce & Culture

Great music, dancing, and eating are at the heart of San Juan’s culture, and the city tries to combine all three as often as possible. San Juan loves a festival, and you’ll find celebrations every month, if not every week, around the city, with parades, street food, live music, and of course, dancing. The city boasts several well-known museums, theaters, and concert halls, including the Luis A. Ferré Performing Arts Center. Lin-Manuel Miranda staged a special run of Hamilton at the center to support arts and cultural programs after the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and María. San Juan’s art and culture is hardly contained within four walls though, and much can be found out on the streets as well, whether it’s the amazing murals on the streets of Santurce, the live music and dancing in the plaza of Old San Juan, or in the nightclubs of Condado.