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Get to know Siesta Key

The most well-known of Sarasota’s barrier islands, Siesta Key gained even more recognition when MTV set its Florida version of Laguna Beach here. The key’s Siesta Beach has been named the country’s best beach multiple times, notable for its soft, sugar-like sand and gorgeous waters. The sand is made of crushed quartz, which remains cool to bare feet, even on the hottest of summer days. It’s an easy walk from the beach to Siesta Village, consisting of a few blocks of bars and restaurants. Though it has a touristy vibe, Siesta Village is beloved by old-timers as well, as a holdover from Siesta Key’s hippie days when it was a gathering place for artists and singers. Siesta Key has a mix of architecture—there are tall waterfront condominium buildings, bohemian bungalows, mid-century modern villas, and new construction mansions, all available at a range of price points.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

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Living in the Tampa Bay area

Central West Florida encompasses the area surrounding Tampa Bay, including Tampa itself and stretching down to St. Petersburg, Bradenton, and Sarasota. This coastal region is what people imagine when dreaming about Florida, a place where year-round sunshine beckons and every day is a beach day. Many have been lured to Tampa Bay by its weather, including baseball’s annual migration to spring training and The Ringling Brothers Circus’s long-time winter home in Sarasota. There’s a wide range of places to live, whether it’s year-round or only for a snowbird’s sojourn. The area includes barrier islands with picturesque beaches, busy urban downtowns, artsy neighborhoods of cafes and bungalows, and inland master-planned gated communities that are among the fastest growing in the nation. There’s no shortage of fun in Tampa Bay, with pro sports teams in residence, well-regarded museums, delicious restaurants, and a ton of outdoor activities on land and sea.