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Tybee Island and Savannah Islands

Just off the coast of Savannah are the Savannah Islands, a mix of affluent suburbs, sparsely populated nature preserves, and holiday beach towns, each with their own distinct character. Tybee Island, often referred to as Savannah’s beach, is the most well known of the islands and a popular vacation destination. Tybee Island is about a half hour drive to downtown Savannah, making it possible for commuters to live year-round in a beach paradise, though most are second-home owners. With five miles of public beaches and a fun, casual vibe, Tybee Island’s permanent population hovers around 3,400, but swells on summer weekends to 30,000. Besides Tybee Island, the neighboring towns of Wilmington Island and Whitemarsh Island are both sought-after suburbs, with beautiful houses in well-planned subdivisions. You’ll also find a handful of residences on Talahi Island and Dutch Island, two small waterfront communities.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Living in Savannah

Gorgeous and welcoming, Savannah is lovely to behold and even lovelier to live in. The lifeblood of this city, founded in 1733, is the Savannah River, flowing around and through the entire metropolis. And its heart? That’s Savannah’s legendary urban planning, created by town founder James Oglethorpe. A visionary town planner, Oglethorpe incorporated parks and gardens throughout, with pedestrian-scaled streets. Replicable and non-hierarchical, Savannah’s town plan remained the guiding light for the city’s new developments through the twentieth century. As a result, Savannah is a place that feels utterly livable, whether you’re relaxing on the beach, drinking and strolling on River Street, or just enjoying a delicious seafood meal, surrounded by moss-covered oak trees.