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Get to know Islamorada

Islamorada is a Florida Keys village stretching over five inhabited islands, which explains why many call this conglomeration of keys "the Village of Islands." At its widest point, Islamorada barely measures a mile across. Yet, it is no mere rest stop halfway between Miami and Key West. This destination’s charming, small-town vibe — complete with quaint, locally-owned shops and seaside restaurants — is irresistible to all who come, particularly those with water on the mind. Many consider Islamorada the sport fishing capital of the world, a claim difficult to argue against when you discover the sheer amount of charter boats with well-seasoned sea dogs making daily excursions. Baseball legend Ted Williams is reported to have become quite the angler after his many off-seasons spent in the village. Islamorada’s surrounding waters are also ideal for snorkeling or diving, and the aquatic environment is a home for numerous classes of plants and animals.

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Living in the Florida Keys

There isn’t a place called Kokomo, but the Florida Keys are nonetheless a paradise you can get to fast and take it slow. An astounding 882 distinct islands compose this coral-sheathed archipelago at the Sunshine State’s southern tip, forming a 125-mile tail that stretches from lower Miami-Dade to Key West. The latter’s location 90 miles off Cuba made it a lucrative trading port through much of the 19th and early 20th centuries, prompting Henry Morrison Flagler to run his Overseas Railroad from the mainland. Several viaducts from this engineering marvel were commandeered to construct the first highway, opening the region’s powdery beaches and proliferous fisheries to leisure-goers at large. Less than 100,000 inhabit these islands year-round, preserving their unspoiled Caribbean feel. As the Beach Boys said, it really is where you want to go and get away from it all.