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Get to know Lake Worth Beach

By popular referendum, citizens amended the legal name of Lake Worth to Lake Worth Beach, which seems like overkill until you realize just how perfect that doubly aquatic name is. Lake Osborne is home to manatees, waterfowl, boat ramps, and hiking trails at the city’s western edge. To the east are the municipal golf course (one of the most scenic, public or private, in Florida), Lake Worth Lagoon (part of the Intracoastal Waterway but not riddled with boat slips or a shipping port), and the flawless beaches of South Palm Beach. Though Lake Worth Beach is a full-fledged city with nearly 40,000 residents, most people who call it home refer to it as a neighborhood. Spend a little time here, and it’s easy to see why. It’s an idyllic locale with a quaint downtown that oozes Americana in the best possible way.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Lake Worth Beach Commerce & Culture

Lake Worth Lagoon and Lake Osborne connect east-west via two avenues, Lake and Lucerne, which form the heart of Lake Worth Beach’s commercial district. There’s a small-town historic feel to the overall area, home to notable buildings like the Art Deco-style Lake Worth Playhouse. Historic bona fides, however, do not end there for Lake Worth Beach. North of downtown is a spread of residential areas nationally recognized for their Spanish Revival architecture. Not one to shy away from a celebration, Lake Worth Beach hosts festivals all year round. It’s a practice that has established the place as one of South Florida’s most vibrant. Sometimes, the city itself becomes a canvas for street painting — other times, it celebrates trees or music or indulges in Oktoberfest-style merriment. Lake Worth Beach’s downtown has been revitalized and is full of local shops and galleries, plus some excellent restaurants reflecting the community’s cultural diversity.