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Get to know Amagansett

No other Long Island municipality wears its mystique better than the 6.6 square miles that make up Amagansett. An address in Amagansett is much-coveted, as the area straddles a line between rustic hamlet and Hamptons hotspot with stunning aplomb. The Atlantic splashes onto the southern shore as the Napeague Bay calmly dips into the northeast coast. Meanwhile, the beachfront is populated with jaw-dropping residences — including on renowned Further Lane — with the hamlet’s interior home to timeless shingled homes on quiet tree-lined streets. It’s no wonder that countless have gotten swept up in Amagansett’s majesty. Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller famously summered in a converted windmill home on Deep Lane in 1957, and plenty more celebrities since have also felt the draw of this singular environment out east.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Amagansett History & Culture

Amagansett’s eponymous Historical Association was established in 1964, nearly 300 years after the hamlet’s initial founding. The group is focused on preserving the area’s rural roots, up to 1925, with a collection of carriages, furnishings, letters, and early photographs. Its grounds contain structures dating to the 18th and 19th centuries, including the c.1725 Miss Amelia Cottage — an exemplar of Colonial times in Amagansett listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Along Bluff Road is the East Hampton Marine Museum, honoring the inextricable past and present links Amagansett and the rest of the East End share with the sea. Locals and visitors get hands-on experience in the ways of the water at one of several beaches: Indian Wells Beach and Atlantic Avenue Beach are among the white sand options along the ocean, but one must not overlook the tranquil bayfront at Albert’s Landing.

Amagansett Dining & Shopping

If you’re venturing outside of the home and not bound for the beaches, your Amagansett adventures will likely take you toward Montauk Highway/Main Street. The hamlet’s principal thoroughfare buzzes with eateries serving up all kinds of mouthwatering fare. As expected — after all, it is the East End — Amagansett is perfect if you’re looking to reel fresh seafood onto your plate. Still, there are ample other options should your stomach growl for something more turf than surf. Stephen Talkhouse is an area institution, offering a venue to meet up with friends for drinks or catch performances from artists of local fame and world renown. Amagansett Square is a downtown green space inhabited by various boutique shops — clothing, jewelry, cosmetics — plus spots for coffee, pastries, and cheese spots. It’s also an area where you can stop time for a bit, take a seat, and absorb Amagansett’s glory.