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Get to know Calverton

Like most hamlets and villages up and down the East End, Calverton’s history has links to farming. Its crop of choice: cranberries. Those tart treats thrived in swampy bogs along the Peconic River. In 1953, however, the Navy bought up 6000 acres of land — including a mansion owned by the grandson of entrepreneur Frank Winfield Woolworth — before partially converting it into thousands of feet of jet testing runway. Aircrafts such as F-14 Tomcats and E-2C Hawkeyes passed through Calverton before heading off to the skies beyond. The presence of cranberries and the military has receded; Calverton today is an unassuming hamlet, a hair west of where the North Fork begins to split from its southern sibling. Yet, Calverton still embodies some of that region’s sought-after qualities. Sometimes, a suburban-rural atmosphere near enough to water and with plentiful access to serene nature is all you need.

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The good news is, if you find yourself in Calverton, you’ve got more than enough options. Traverse an eastern portion of the Long Island Pine Barrens, the island’s signature green space and a haven for everyone’s inner hiker. Over Calverton’s northern border in Wading River is Wildwood State Park and the sandy shores of the Long Island Sound. Partake in a favored East End tradition and go golfing. Stretch those arms a little and take in an afternoon of apple picking. Unwind by sipping the region’s finest ales, ciders, and wines at a nearby craft brewery, cidery, or vineyard. Support local farms — and your local stomach — by scooping up some homegrown wares. Or, if nothing in Calverton proper tickles your fancy, head out toward the east as far as the Orient Point lighthouse: the wonders of the North Fork await.