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Get to know Mattituck

Mattituck is a North Fork postcard come to life. The scenic Southold hamlet stretches across the peninsula, claiming enviable shorelines on the Great Peconic Bay and the Long Island Sound. However, there are waterfronts to be found all throughout Mattituck — coastal catnip for those looking for an alluring view to obsess over. James Creek and Deep Hole Creek flow into the southern bay, while the sprawling Mattituck Inlet winds into the northern sound. And don’t forget Marratook Pond, which doesn’t connect to a larger body but whose scenery is no less swoon-worthy. As you might imagine, activities like sailing and fishing are major must-dos in Mattituck, and people take advantage of multiple marinas along the various waterways. Homes encompass a range of styles and sizes, from unassuming cottages to imposing estates, many done up in a timeless East End tradition: the shingle-style facade.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Mattituck Commerce & Culture

Head in after hours spent asea or at the beach and discover a buzzing community. Even as Mattituck’s growth continues, the hamlet retains the feeling of a close-knit small town. Indulge in homemade ice cream scoops, catch up on your summer reading list via the public library, or see a stage performance at the local theater. Love Lane is an absolute must, whether Mattituck is where you live or simply where you’re visiting for the afternoon. The cherished thoroughfare runs perpendicular to the LIRR station and offers a beloved assemblage of locally-owned establishments — think farm-to-table cuisine, flower shops, jewelry boutiques, and the like. Long Island’s celebrated wine country encompasses the area, with sips to savor at wineries within Mattituck, plus several more in nearby hamlets and villages. Mattituck’s annual Strawberry Festival is as sweet as its namesake, typically occurring on Father’s Day weekend and delivering various delectable strawberry-based confections.