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Get to know Moriches

Unlike the names of its bayside siblings to the east and in the center, Moriches is just Moriches. This coastal hamlet is tiny, measuring a mere 2.3 square miles in total area. A journey from the southern tip to the northern border at Sunrise Highway takes only a few minutes. But size isn’t everything. Whether or not Moriches is officially Long Island’s “best-kept secret,” one look at the timeless shingle-style homes, tree-lined lanes, or views over Moriches Bay will demonstrate what makes the hamlet irresistible to those that know it. There’s an inherent calm that is difficult to dispute. In addition to the bay, creeks and inlets cut into the Moriches landscape, meaning you’ll rarely find yourself in a situation without access to water.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Moriches Commerce & Culture

Montauk Highway rises and falls across the midsection of Moriches, the center of orbit for the bulk of the area’s commerce. Follow it for antique shopping, classic Long Island diners serving comfort food staples, and everything in between. Continue into nearby hamlets and villages to unveil even more offerings — including craft breweries, diverse cuisines, and locally-grown produce. Moriches Bay is a haven for nesting shellfish, migrating waterfowl, and aquatically-minded humans alike. Fishing fanatics will feel right at home, whether sailing out on the bay (or toward Moriches Inlet) in a charter boat or a personal craft. Webby’s Beach in neighboring Center Moriches provides a serene sand strip along the bay to sunbathe, enjoy the tranquil waves, or snap a social media-ready sunset shot.