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Manhattan’s Chinatown has been surpassed in population by others in Brooklyn and Queens, but it remains the city’s first. While it is difficult to date its exact beginning, Chinatown continues to thrive, and is even expanding beyond its historic borders into adjacent neighborhoods. For many New Yorkers, the main draws of the area are the shops along Canal Street and its endless dining opportunities. For residents, Chinatown offers a chance to live in the heart of one of lower Manhattan’s most interesting neighborhoods, with Little Italy, SoHo, and the Financial District all nearby.

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Chinatown Commerce & Culture

Despite its name suggesting otherwise, Chinatown boasts a convergence of cuisines that’s hardly singular — it’s a regular orbit for foodies from up the block or halfway around the globe. Mainstays like Nom Wah Tea Parlor, a Doyers Street staple since 1920, balance out more avant-garde alternatives, tag teaming with rooftop lounges, mixology bars, matcha cafes, and basement speakeasies. Galleries and pop-up design shops round out a retail landscape that’s still primarily dominated by independent businesses, many of them family-owned and around for decades.

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