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Nestled between Borough Park and Bay Ridge, Sunset Park takes its name from the lovely 25-acre park of the same name. Forming the spine of the neighborhood, Fifth Avenue embodies the diversity of this part of Brooklyn, and you can make your way through many of the cuisines of Latin America before taking a detour for Chinese dumplings and noodles. It’s a lively area, in marked contrast with Sunset Park’s most famous landmark, the vast Green-Wood Cemetery.
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Commerce & Culture

Sunset Park’s Fifth Avenue reflects Brooklyn’s role as the first stop for many new Americans. It is a lively mix of communities — and their cuisines. For gourmets who want to travel the world without leaving home, a stroll on Fifth Avenue offers opportunities to snack on Mexican tlacoyos (puffy corn tortillas stuffed with beans and meat), Taiwanese fried chicken, and Sicilian cookies. Eighth Avenue also offers a wealth of restaurants, though they are predominantly Asian (specifically Chinese). The impressive Green-Wood Cemetery was founded in 1838 and is the final resting place of many famous New Yorkers. Its landscape of rolling hills, woods, and ponds became a model not only for later cemeteries but also for urban parks, while its monuments and mausoleums are fascinating examples, on a small scale, of Victorian architecture. The enormous cemetery is almost 20 times the size of Sunset Park, the neighborhood’s namesake.