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Deanna  Kory Corcoran Cares Member
Deanna Kory Licensed Associate RE Broker
Licensed as Deanna E Kory

Office: East Side
660 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10065
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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
50 Riverside Blvd PH4A Upper West Side$20,063,52568.5126,168Condo
535 West End Avenue20 FLUpper West Side$18,200,00066.5126,637Condo
163 East 82nd Street Upper East Side$15,550,0005,884Townhouse
53 West 88th StreetUpper West Side$14,391,000567Townhouse
60 Riverside Blvd 2101 Upper West Side$14,003,93768.5125,641Condo
226 West 71st Street Upper West Side$14,000,0007916Townhouse
508 West 24th StreetPHNChelsea/Hudson Yards$11,400,00032.553,263Condo
140 Columbia Heights Brooklyn Heights$10,750,0004128,000Townhouse
300 Central Park West 23G Upper West Side$10,300,00044.59Co-op
262 Central Park West 13E Upper West Side$9,910,000448Co-op
463 Greenwich Street PH Tribeca$9,500,000338Co-op
285 Central Park West PHN Upper West Side$9,125,0003493,500Co-op
235 West 71st Street 7 FL Upper West Side$9,000,00055.5124,771Condo
1133 Fifth Avenue3-4BCarnegie Hill$8,995,0006613Co-op
235 West 71st Street 4 FL Upper West Side$8,700,00064.5134,800Condo
126 East 78th Street Upper East Side$8,250,00063.5114,100Townhouse
309 West 102nd Street Upper West Side$8,150,00057.5145,500Townhouse
911 Park Avenue12A Upper East Side$7,875,00043.510Co-op
50 Riverside Blvd 19E Upper West Side$7,850,00056.584,224Condo
1150 Fifth Avenue 6B Carnegie Hill$7,600,00034.58Co-op
595 West End Avenue 9 FL Upper West Side$7,450,00066.5114,900Condo
309 West 102nd Street Upper West Side$7,340,00057.5145,500Townhouse
22 Riverside Drive 12-13 Upper West Side$7,200,00043.582,992Condo
812 Park Avenue12/13EUpper East Side$7,200,00033.58Co-op
160 West 86th StreetPH3Upper West Side$6,900,000448.53,041Condo
50 Riverside Blvd 19B Upper West Side$6,858,85944.57.53,407Condo
27 West 72nd Street PH-B Upper West Side$6,855,0003372,772Condo
1155 Park Avenue11NWCarnegie Hill$6,850,0006512Co-op
351 West End Avenue Upper West Side$6,750,00076.59Townhouse
455 Central Park West LM17 Upper West Side$6,678,7505695,317Condo
240 West End Avenue10Upper West Side$6,550,00044.5103,400Condo
875 Park Avenue11DUpper East Side$6,450,00022.562,400Co-op
626 West End AvenueUpper West Side$6,250,0005410Townhouse
221 West 77th Street6WUpper West Side$6,200,00044.562,727Condo
455 Central Park West LM16 Upper West Side$6,200,0003464,146Condo
309 West 102nd Street Upper West Side$6,150,00057.5145,500Townhouse
33 West 95th Street Upper West Side$6,100,00043.593,400Townhouse
131 Riverside Drive 10C Upper West Side$6,000,00044.510Co-op
161 West 75th Street 2/3D Upper West Side$6,000,00045.5103,600Co-op
262 Central Park West 5E Upper West Side$5,950,00043.58Co-op
45 Gramercy Park North 5B Gramercy$5,881,925338Co-op
455 Central Park West LM11 Upper West Side$5,850,0003474,146Condo
211 Central Park West 10B Upper West Side$5,850,000226Co-op
225 Fifth Avenue6JFlatiron$5,825,00032.551,922Condo
455 Central Park West LM18 Upper West Side$5,820,00034.573,937Condo
1 West 72nd Street 68 Upper West Side$5,750,000337Co-op
41 West 74th Street Upper West Side$5,750,00055128,175Townhouse
341 West 84th Street Upper West Side$5,700,00095145,180Townhouse
128 East 95th StreetUpper East Side$5,700,00045.511Townhouse
252 West 71st Street Upper West Side$5,650,000656,000Townhouse
62 West 62nd Street PHA Upper West Side$5,500,00045.58.53,400Condo
123 West 92nd Street Upper West Side$5,500,000101124Townhouse
239 Central Park West 9B Upper West Side$5,400,000448Co-op
60 Riverside Drive 8BCD Upper West Side$5,325,00053.5103,150Co-op
230 West 78th Street 8A Upper West Side$5,300,0003352,306Condo
1065 Park Avenue 27AB Carnegie Hill$5,300,00033.57Co-op
100 Riverside Drive 7CD Upper West Side$5,300,000449Co-op
33 West 95th Street Upper West Side$5,300,00043.593,400Townhouse
137 Riverside Drive 6BC Upper West Side$5,220,000439Co-op
47 East 88th Street 4A Carnegie Hill$5,175,000439Co-op
211 Central Park West 8K Upper West Side$5,150,000337.5Co-op
270 West End Avenue 9N Upper West Side$5,150,0004310Co-op
190 Riverside Drive 8C Upper West Side$5,125,0003272,600Condo
230 West 78th Street 9B Upper West Side$5,050,00043.56.52,496Condo
205 West 76th Street PH3AN Upper West Side$5,000,00033.562,129Condo
245 West 104th Street PH Upper West Side$4,950,00056103,720Co-op
213 West 23rd Street 3S Chelsea/Hudson Yards$4,914,0003363,600Condo
910 Fifth Avenue 7D Upper East Side$4,895,0003593,400Co-op
16 East 84th Street 3 Upper East Side$4,862,50022.55.52,000Condo
455 Central Park West LM20 Upper West Side$4,850,00044.573,800Condo
161 West 75th Street 12DE Upper West Side$4,850,0005511Co-op
115 Central Park West 28D Upper West Side$4,800,000226Co-op
233 West 100th Street Upper West Side$4,750,0006,000Townhouse
965 Fifth Avenue 15B Upper East Side$4,750,000225Co-op
22 Riverside Drive 14AB Upper West Side$4,650,0003372,160Condo
522 West End Avenue3ABUpper West Side$4,587,5004392,700Co-op
455 Central Park West LM19 Upper West Side$4,577,10033.563,214Condo
41 Central Park West 8CH Upper West Side$4,537,500437.5Co-op
1 GRACIE SQUARE 9 FL Upper East Side$4,525,000349Co-op
230 West 78th Street 12B Upper West Side$4,500,00043.56.52,496Condo
1060 Fifth Avenue 3D Carnegie Hill$4,500,0003482,800Co-op
1 West 72nd St Upper West Side$4,500,00032Townhouse
1165 Park Avenue7CCarnegie Hill$4,490,0003372,800Co-op
20 West 77th Street 10A Upper West Side$4,450,00032.57Co-op
610 West End Avenue 2A Upper West Side$4,425,00053.593,550Co-op
267 West 89th Street 4B Upper West Side$4,375,00054.510Co-op
131 Riverside Drive 8A Upper West Side$4,280,00032.58Co-op
1111 Park Avenue 11D Carnegie Hill$4,275,00032.57Co-op
171 West 57th Street 3B Midtown West$4,250,0003462,800Condo
239 Central Park West 15B Upper West Side$4,175,00043.58Co-op
110 Riverside Drive 12B Upper West Side$4,150,000337Co-op
610 West End Avenue 8D Upper West Side$4,100,0003382,700Co-op
1220 Park Avenue13DCarnegie Hill$4,080,000237Co-op
101 West 87th Street 601 Upper West Side$4,038,5803362,277Condo
530 West End Avenue 6B Upper West Side$4,000,0004372,300Condo
33 West 67th Street 5FE Upper West Side$4,000,00031.572,380Co-op
101 Central Park West 6G Upper West Side$4,000,000336.5Co-op
375 West End Avenue 7CD Upper West Side$4,000,000337.5Co-op
170 West 76th Street 302 Upper West Side$4,000,00054.58Co-op
610 West End Avenue 10D Upper West Side$3,900,000438Co-op
1965 Broadway 25E Upper West Side$3,900,00044.583,138Condo
146 West 57th Street 72C Midtown West$3,900,00022.54Condo
246 West End Avenue12CUpper West Side$3,895,000548.5Co-op
50 Riverside Drive 10EF Upper West Side$3,885,000348.5Co-op
246 West End Avenue 10BC Upper West Side$3,850,00043.57Co-op
845 West End Avenue14AUpper West Side$3,850,00044.57Condo
246 West End Avenue 10C Upper West Side$3,850,00043.57Co-op
375 West End Avenue 11CD Upper West Side$3,825,000337Co-op
333 Central Park West 76 Upper West Side$3,800,00042.58Co-op
845 West End Avenue 14A Upper West Side$3,800,00044.572,557Condo
215 West 92nd Street 4AB Upper West Side$3,800,00044.59Co-op
200 Riverside Blvd 39A Upper West Side$3,800,00033.56.52,086Condo
119 West 82nd Street 1 Upper West Side$3,775,00043.593,000Co-op
310 West 86th Street 9B Upper West Side$3,750,000337Co-op
140 East 72 21 FL Upper East Side$3,750,000327Co-op
310 West 86th Street 10A Upper West Side$3,750,00042.57Co-op
42 East 12th Street6FLRGreenwich Village$3,750,0002241,800Condo
170 East End Avenue 5J Upper East Side$3,695,0003351,924Condo
27 West 72nd Street 1610 Upper West Side$3,625,0003351,723Condo
6 West 77th Street 10B Upper West Side$3,600,00032.56Co-op
205 East 69th Street PHA Upper East Side$3,600,000234.5Co-op
100 Riverside Drive Upper West Side$3,600,00023Townhouse
310 West End Avenue 12CD Upper West Side$3,595,10032.57Co-op
1165 Park Avenue 10C Carnegie Hill$3,595,000328Co-op
40 East 88th Street 5B Carnegie Hill$3,595,000337Co-op
670 West End Avenue 8F Upper West Side$3,525,00032.57Co-op
321 West 78th Street 1A Upper West Side$3,510,0005492,550Co-op
150 East 73rd Street 6D Upper East Side$3,500,000438.5Co-op
45 East 85th Street 9D Upper East Side$3,500,00032.57Co-op
40 West 77th Street 11F Upper West Side$3,500,000326Co-op
260 Park Ave South3DFlatiron$3,495,00022.541,819Condo
140 East 83rd Street10-11ABUpper East Side$3,450,00054103,100Co-op
215 West 78th Street 6-7D Upper West Side$3,420,000437Co-op
41 West 74th Street Upper West Side$3,400,00055128,175Townhouse
455 Central Park West LM6 Upper West Side$3,400,00023.563,745Condo
270 West End Avenue9EW Upper West Side$3,375,0004310Co-op
150 East 77th Street10ABUpper East Side$3,335,0004483,000Co-op
60 Riverside Drive 17A Upper West Side$3,300,0004382,400Co-op
455 Central Park West 21C Upper West Side$3,300,000336.52,446Condo
300 Riverside Drive 7AC Upper West Side$3,300,00043103,000Co-op
1158 Fifth Avenue 5D Upper East Side$3,300,0003372,000Co-op
140 Riverside Drive 18K Upper West Side$3,295,000326.5Co-op
37 Riverside Drive 15B Upper West Side$3,285,00032.56Co-op
863 Park Avenue 5E Upper East Side$3,280,000337Co-op
30 Main StreetPHFDUMBO/Vinegar Hill$3,275,00032.552,209Condo
50 West 96th Street 4A Upper West Side$3,250,00033.57Co-op
50 Riverside Drive 14B Upper West Side$3,250,000236.52,200Co-op
130 East 75th Street 7D Upper East Side$3,235,000336Co-op
150 COLUMBUS AVE 14EF Upper West Side$3,220,000336.52,431Condo
267 West 89th Street 4B Upper West Side$3,200,00054.510Co-op
610 West End Avenue 11D Upper West Side$3,200,00032.58.5Co-op
2628 Broadway 35A Upper West Side$3,150,00033.552,181Condo
1080 Fifth Avenue 4C Carnegie Hill$3,125,00032.56Co-op
1965 Broadway 10H Upper West Side$3,075,00022.55.51,577Condo
610 West End Avenue 4B Upper West Side$3,065,0003383,500Co-op
262 Central Park West 10F Upper West Side$3,050,000327Co-op
180 East End Avenue 14E Upper East Side$3,050,00033.572,200Co-op
45 State Street Brooklyn Heights$3,050,00034103,377Townhouse
290 West End Avenue 12C Upper West Side$3,000,00032.57Co-op
180 Riverside Drive3CUpper West Side$3,000,000336Co-op
215 West 78th Street 6-7D Upper West Side$2,950,000437Co-op
465 West 23rd Street Chelsea/Hudson Yards$2,950,000335.52,400Co-op
175 West 13th Street PH Greenwich Village$2,950,000236Co-op
343 East 50th Street PHB Midtown East$2,930,00022.551,597Condo
130 East End Avenue 4A Upper East Side$2,930,000336.5Co-op
200 CHAMBERS ST19ATribeca$2,930,0003362,201Condo
140 East 63rd Street 5E Upper East Side$2,925,00022.541,644Condo
255 West 84th Street 12E Upper West Side$2,923,10022.57Co-op
302 West 86th Street 8B Upper West Side$2,915,000337Co-op
321 West 78th Street 9EF Upper West Side$2,900,000337Co-op
30 East 65th Street 15B Upper East Side$2,895,00022.55Co-op
270 West End Avenue 1N Upper West Side$2,895,00043.573,000Co-op
188 East 78th Street 9A Upper East Side$2,891,00033.562,068Condo
255 West 84th Street 7E Upper West Side$2,875,32722.57Co-op
401 East 60th Street 36A Upper East Side$2,855,00043.57.52,363Condo
1 West 72nd Street 28AB Upper West Side$2,837,500224Co-op
300 Central Park West 5D1 Upper West Side$2,821,5002251,200Co-op
21 East 22nd Street 7DE Flatiron$2,820,000226Co-op
60 Riverside Drive 17A Upper West Side$2,800,0004382,400Co-op
760 West End Avenue 7AB Upper West Side$2,800,00032.57.5Co-op
100 Riverside Drive 6D Upper West Side$2,800,000325.5Co-op
530 East 76th St Upper East Side$2,800,00033Townhouse
30 East 65th Street 10-11E Upper East Side$2,775,00022.56Co-op
110 Riverside Drive 16E Upper West Side$2,772,000427Co-op
2628 Broadway8BUpper West Side$2,750,0004362,127Condo
75 Central Park West 5D Upper West Side$2,750,000236Co-op
891 Park Avenue 10 FL Upper East Side$2,750,00022.56Co-op
222 Riverside Drive 9B Upper West Side$2,750,00033.56.51,900Condo
610 West End Avenue 2D Upper West Side$2,750,000338Co-op
50 West 96th Street 6A Upper West Side$2,725,000337Co-op
262 Central Park West 12D Upper West Side$2,725,000236928Co-op
180 East End Avenue 19D Upper East Side$2,725,00034.57Co-op
685 West End Avenue 9B Upper West Side$2,710,000326.5Co-op
610 West End Avenue 5C Upper West Side$2,709,70032.582,500Co-op
1965 Broadway 15E Upper West Side$2,700,00022.54.51,437Condo
302 West 86th Street 2B Upper West Side$2,685,00032.57.5Co-op
321 West 78th Street 7EF Upper West Side42.58Co-op
465 West End Avenue 11C Upper West Side$2,675,000325.5Co-op
136 East 76th Street 3B Upper East Side$2,670,00042.562,175Co-op
30 East 65th Street12/13EUpper East Side$2,665,00022.56Co-op
30 West 61st Street21CUpper West Side$2,650,00032.551,460Condo
520 LAGUARDIA PLACE 6N Greenwich Village$2,610,0003261,500Co-op
400 West End Avenue 10D Upper West Side$2,600,00022.55.5Co-op
310 West 79 10E Upper West Side$2,600,000428Co-op
520 East 86th Street9CUpper East Side$2,600,000338Co-op
490 West End Avenue10AUpper West Side$2,595,0004282,200Co-op
229 East 79th Street 10EF Upper East Side$2,595,00042.57Co-op
30 East 65th Street 15C Upper East Side$2,580,000225Co-op
255 West 85th St Upper West Side$2,550,00022Townhouse
33 West 95th St, TWNH Upper West Side$2,525,000Studio
52 West 70th Street GRDN FL Upper West Side$2,500,00032.572,500Co-op
255 West 84th Street 12E Upper West Side$2,500,00022.57Co-op
151 West 86th Street 10C Upper West Side$2,495,0002272,200Co-op
470 West End Avenue 9E Upper West Side$2,490,00022.56Co-op
755 West End Avenue 7A Upper West Side$2,450,000337Co-op
639 West End Avenue 14D Upper West Side$2,450,000336.5Co-op
33 Riverside Drive 14C Upper West Side$2,449,500226Co-op
755 West End Avenue 11A Upper West Side$2,405,000337Co-op
303 Greenwich Street 4J Tribeca$2,400,0002141,470Condo
329 East 65th Street Upper East Side$2,400,000113,360Townhouse
228 West 137th Street Harlem$2,400,000549Townhouse
311 West 83rd Street 5D Upper West Side$2,400,00022.55Co-op
327 Central Park West8A-AAUpper West Side$2,400,000Condo
685 West End Avenue 12EF Upper West Side$2,380,00032.56Co-op
210 West 90th Street 5J Upper West Side$2,375,000225Co-op
116 East 66th Street 9/10C Upper East Side$2,375,00022.55Co-op
300 Riverside Drive 6A Upper West Side$2,370,000226Co-op
9 East 96th Street 16A Carnegie Hill$2,360,000236Co-op
47 East 87th Street 5A Carnegie Hill$2,350,000336Co-op
1040 Park Avenue 2F Carnegie Hill$2,350,0002251,928Co-op
1060 Park Avenue 7F Carnegie Hill$2,350,00021.56Co-op
118 Riverside Drive 15A Upper West Side$2,350,000326Co-op
789 West End Avenue 3D Upper West Side$2,350,000337.5Co-op
120 East 81st Street 14B Upper East Side$2,330,000224.5Co-op
150 COLUMBUS AVE 10A Upper West Side$2,325,00022.54.51,725Condo
33 Riverside Drive 3F Upper West Side$2,320,000236Co-op
924 West End Avenue61Upper West Side$2,303,000327.5Co-op
975 Park Avenue7DUpper East Side$2,300,000236Co-op
129 West 77th Street 1 Upper West Side$2,300,0004393,200Co-op
401 West End Avenue3AUpper West Side$2,299,000336.5Co-op
474 Greenwich Street 1N Tribeca$2,275,000316Co-op
241 West 107th StreetTWNHUpper West Side$2,260,00022.562,066Condo
75 Central Park West 8C Upper West Side$2,260,000224.5Co-op
19 West 87th St, TWNH Upper West Side$2,250,000Studio
400 East 85th Street 11L Upper East Side$2,250,000336Co-op
39 East 20th Street 7 FL Flatiron$2,250,000222,149Condo
180 Riverside Drive 3C Upper West Side$2,250,000336Co-op
205 West 89th Street 6H Upper West Side$2,250,000226Co-op
132 West 78th StreetIR&2Upper West Side$2,225,00021.55Co-op
9 East 96th Street 12B Carnegie Hill$2,195,000226Co-op
180 Riverside Drive 12E Upper West Side$2,195,000336Co-op
201 East 62nd Street 6D Upper East Side$2,190,00033.56Co-op
305 East 85th Street 5B Upper East Side$2,180,0002241,300Condo
160 Riverside Drive 11B Upper West Side$2,180,00022.56Co-op
650 West End Avenue G-AB Upper West Side$2,165,00032.57Condo
1049 Park Avenue 2A Carnegie Hill$2,165,00032.57.5Co-op
17 East 80th Street PH11 Upper East Side$2,150,0003372,500Co-op
112 East 19th Street 6F Gramercy$2,150,0003151,800Co-op
17 East 80th StreetPH1Upper East Side$2,145,000Co-op
120 Riverside Blvd 5S Upper West Side$2,140,0002251,290Condo
9 East 96th Street 2A Carnegie Hill$2,100,000226Co-op
160 West 77th Street 9A Upper West Side$2,100,000226Co-op
140 Riverside Drive10CUpper West Side$2,100,0002241,250Co-op
180 East End Avenue 18B Upper East Side$2,100,00022.55.5Co-op
151 West 86th Street 4C Upper West Side$2,100,0003371,900Co-op
180 East End Avenue 16C Upper East Side$2,090,00022.55.5Co-op
290 West End Avenue 16D Upper West Side$2,085,000326Co-op
180 Riverside Drive 6E Upper West Side$2,075,00022.56.5Co-op
40 West 55th Street Midtown West2241,354Condo
311 West 83rd Street 5B Upper West Side$2,050,000225Co-op
163 East 81st Street 7A Upper East Side$2,025,00022.56Co-op
1474 Third Avenue 4N Upper East Side$2,005,00332.551,623Condo
110 Riverside Drive 11C Upper West Side$2,000,000226Co-op
330 West 86th St, TWNH Upper West Side$2,000,000Studio
1070 Park Avenue 12E Carnegie Hill$1,985,000226Co-op
161 West 86th Street 4BD Upper West Side$1,950,000438.52,500Co-op
401 East 60th Street 37B Upper East Side$1,950,0003351,560Condo
399 East 72nd Street 16AB Upper East Side$1,950,000337Co-op
480 Park Avenue 12G Midtown East$1,950,000226Co-op
336 West End Avenue 15CD Upper West Side$1,935,000337Co-op
407 Central Park West PHC Upper West Side$1,930,000325Co-op
325 West 86th Street 11C Upper West Side$1,926,000226Co-op
25 East 86th Street 10A Carnegie Hill$1,925,0003362,000Co-op
59 West 12th Street5DGreenwich Village$1,925,000113.5850Condo
205 East 16th Street 1F Gramercy$1,910,00034.552,239Condo
171 East 84th Street 29E Upper East Side$1,900,00032.55.5Condo
425 East 86th Street 14BC Upper East Side$1,900,000336.52,000Co-op
151 West 86th Street 12C Upper West Side$1,900,000227Co-op
50 Riverside Drive 12E Upper West Side$1,900,000224Co-op
789 West End Avenue 9D Upper West Side$1,900,000327.52,100Co-op
49 East 86th Street 9A Carnegie Hill$1,895,0002361,800Co-op
119 West 82nd Street 2-3 Upper West Side$1,895,00022.55Co-op
253 West 73rd Street 3C Upper West Side$1,895,0004372,114Condo
16 East 96th Street 4E Carnegie Hill$1,891,500215Co-op
270 West End Avenue Upper West Side$1,890,0002251,400Co-op
160 West 86th St Upper West Side$1,885,00043Townhouse
343 East 50th Street 2F Midtown East$1,884,3002241,713Condo
440 West End Avenue 9A Upper West Side$1,880,000226Co-op
100 Riverside Blvd 6N Upper West Side$1,875,000224.51,350Condo
404 East 66th Street 11GH Upper East Side$1,875,0002251,550Condo
124 West 93rd Street 7EF Upper West Side$1,865,0002261,460Condo
645 West End Avenue 11F Upper West Side$1,850,000226Co-op
139 East 66th Street 2N Upper East Side$1,850,000226Co-op
411 East 53rd Street PHD Sutton Area$1,850,0002241,270Condo
50 Riverside Drive 3C Upper West Side$1,825,000225.51,800Co-op
255 West 84th Street 2E Upper West Side$1,825,0002371,900Co-op
392 Central Park West 16R Upper West Side$1,825,000224.51,141Condo
755 West End Avenue 1B Upper West Side$1,800,000326Co-op
160 West 86th Street 5BC Upper West Side$1,800,000437.52,250Condo
118 West 79th Street PHC Upper West Side$1,800,0002251,250Co-op
205 East 16th Street 3F Gramercy$1,800,00022.54.51,441Condo
225 East 34th Street 3I Murray Hill$1,800,0002241,345Condo
91 Central Park West 10F Upper West Side$1,799,000224.5Co-op
126 West 11th Street 74 Greenwich Village$1,795,000214Co-op
50 Riverside Drive 7C Upper West Side$1,795,000225.51,800Co-op
505 West End Avenue 8B Upper West Side$1,795,000226Co-op
465 West End Avenue 12D Upper West Side$1,780,000225Co-op
372 Central Park West 19AB Upper West Side$1,780,000326.51,627Condo
50 West 70th Street 2 Upper West Side$1,775,000225Co-op
343 East 50th Street 4F Midtown East$1,761,8002241,475Condo
151 West 86th Street 10C Upper West Side$1,757,0002272,200Co-op
52 West 70th Street 1 Upper West Side$1,750,000215Co-op
257 Central Park West 3C Upper West Side$1,750,000224.5Co-op
100 Riverside Blvd 20G Upper West Side$1,750,000224.51,154Condo
160 East 22nd Street 16D Gramercy$1,750,000113833Condo
652 Broadway 6F Greenwich Village$1,750,000224Co-op
298 ELIZABETH ST4 FLGreenwich Village$1,750,0001141,400Condo
161 West 75th Street 4E Upper West Side$1,745,000224.5Co-op
188 East 78th Street 4C Upper East Side$1,745,00022.54.51,513Condo
137 Riverside Drive 5B Upper West Side$1,725,0002251,525Co-op
290 West End Avenue11AUpper West Side$1,725,0003382,600Co-op
343 East 50th Street 5F Midtown East$1,700,0002241,337Condo
30 Fifth Avenue 4D Greenwich Village$1,695,00021.541,200Co-op
59 FOURTH AVE 6A Greenwich Village$1,695,0002241,700Co-op
251 West 89th Street 9E Upper West Side$1,695,00032.57Condo
330 West 72nd Street 6B Upper West Side$1,695,000236.5Co-op
54 Riverside Drive Upper West Side$1,695,000226Co-op
321 West 78th Street 7EF Upper West Side$1,690,00042.58Co-op
285 Riverside Drive 12G Upper West Side$1,690,00032.56Co-op
345 West 88th Street 7A Upper West Side$1,680,000226Co-op
205 East 78th Street 18D Upper East Side$1,675,000224.5Co-op
551 MAIN ST 204 Roosevelt Island$1,675,00042.571,782Co-op
32 East 4th Street 3 Greenwich Village$1,660,000215Co-op
320 Riverside Drive 9B Upper West Side$1,650,000224Co-op
520 East 90th Street4KJUpper East Side$1,650,000538Co-op
255 West 84th Street 5C Upper West Side$1,650,000225.5Co-op
54 Riverside Drive 4D Upper West Side$1,640,00022.56Co-op
392 Central Park West 20R Upper West Side$1,638,0002241,209Condo
139 East 66th Street 2N Upper East Side$1,622,500226Co-op
263 West End Avenue 19B Upper West Side$1,600,0003262,000Co-op
470 West End Avenue 9E Upper West Side$1,595,00022.56Co-op
311 West 97th Street 4W Upper West Side$1,595,000326Co-op
70 East 96th Street 13B Carnegie Hill$1,595,000337Co-op
262 Central Park West Upper West Side$1,595,00033Townhouse
721 Fifth Avenue 42B Midtown East$1,575,00022.55.51,600Condo
310 West End Avenue 3B Upper West Side$1,570,000225.5Co-op
165 East 72nd Street 5C Upper East Side$1,565,000224.5Co-op
105 East 16th Street 4S Flatiron$1,550,0002251,650Co-op
118 Riverside Drive 13C Upper West Side$1,550,000224.5Co-op
100 Riverside Blvd 10H Upper West Side$1,550,0002251,058Condo
1356 Madison Avenue 1N Carnegie Hill$1,550,000326Co-op
639 West End Avenue 16B Upper West Side$1,540,000225Co-op
137 Joralemon Street 7 Brooklyn Heights$1,535,000326Co-op
106 West 116th Street 13B Harlem$1,525,0003361,688Condo
57 West 93rd Street 4C Upper West Side$1,525,0002261,600Co-op
386 Columbus Avenue 10A Upper West Side$1,525,0002241,134Condo
140 Riverside Drive 6F Upper West Side$1,525,000224.5Co-op
140 Riverside Drive 5C Upper West Side$1,505,000224Co-op
444 East 86th Street8GUpper East Side$1,500,0002251,400Co-op
220 East 65th St Upper East Side$1,500,00032Townhouse
115 Central Park West Upper West Side$1,500,00032Townhouse
35 West 90th Street 9D Upper West Side$1,500,000224.51,250Co-op
30 Fifth Avenue 7GH Greenwich Village$1,500,0003261,550Co-op
171 West 57th Street 3C Midtown West$1,500,0003372,587Condo
254 West 82nd Street 3A Upper West Side$1,499,000224.5Co-op
215 West 88th Street 2B Upper West Side$1,495,0002141,067Condo
505 West End Avenue 12D Upper West Side$1,490,00021.56Co-op
11 Fifth Avenue14LGreenwich Village$1,475,0003351,750Co-op
306 West 100th Street 22 Upper West Side$1,472,500327Co-op
755 West End Avenue 1B Upper West Side$1,472,500326Co-op
160 West 77th Street 5A Upper West Side$1,465,00022.56Co-op
67 Riverside Drive 8C Upper West Side$1,460,000214Co-op
139 East 94th Street 11B Carnegie Hill$1,460,000225Co-op
115 East 90th Street 8A Carnegie Hill$1,455,00021.55Co-op
270 West End Avenue 7E Upper West Side$1,450,000225.51,400Co-op
2166 Broadway 4F Upper West Side$1,450,0002241,220Co-op
407 East 91st Street 2E Upper East Side$1,450,0003261,600Co-op
114 East 84th Street 3D Upper East Side$1,437,5003261,250Co-op
639 West End Avenue 11B Upper West Side$1,435,000225Co-op
139 East 94th Street 9B Carnegie Hill$1,433,000225Co-op
311 West 83rd Street 2C Upper West Side$1,425,0003251,700Co-op
45 East End Avenue 20A Upper East Side$1,425,00032.57Co-op
205 East 16th Street 6B Gramercy$1,415,000124.51,200Condo
300 East 59th Street1002Upper East Side$1,407,7292261,150Co-op
315 West End Avenue 7C Upper West Side$1,407,500325.5Co-op
105 West 73rd Street 5D Upper West Side$1,400,00021.55.5Co-op
336 West End Avenue 12A Upper West Side$1,400,000224.5Co-op
186 Riverside Drive 5F Upper West Side$1,400,000224.5Co-op
60 Riverside Drive 14G Upper West Side$1,400,000224.5Co-op
229 West 97th Street 3B Upper West Side$1,400,0003272,200Co-op
205 East 16th Street 3B Gramercy$1,400,00011.53.51,322Condo
205 East 78th Street18DUpper East Side$1,400,000224.5Co-op
522 West End Avenue Upper West Side$1,400,00042Townhouse
575 MAIN ST 714 Roosevelt Island$1,395,0003361,656Co-op
245 West 74th Street 4A Upper West Side$1,395,000225Co-op
255 West 85th Street PH5 Upper West Side$1,375,0003361,550Condo
157 West 79th Street 10A Upper West Side$1,375,000224.51,250Co-op
255 West 84th St Upper West Side$1,375,00023Townhouse
343 East 50th Street 6F Midtown East$1,360,00011.531,074Condo
225 East 34th Street 6C Murray Hill2241,233Condo
205 West 89th Street 4F Upper West Side$1,350,000224Co-op
160 West 86th St Upper West Side$1,350,00033Townhouse
1349 Lexington Avenue 10G Carnegie Hill$1,350,000325Co-op
40 West 55th Street 3D Midtown West$1,342,5002241,070Condo
35 East 68th Street2BUpper East Side$1,335,000113984Co-op
779 Riverside Drive C33 Washington Heights$1,325,0003261,799Condo
255 West 95th Street 6B Upper West Side224Co-op
25 Sutton Place South 16M Sutton Area$1,312,500225Co-op
343 East 50th Street 3F Midtown East$1,302,9302241,400Condo
555 MAIN ST 1910 Roosevelt Island$1,300,00032.561,595Co-op
255 West 84th St Upper West Side$1,300,00023Townhouse
343 East 50th Street 5E Midtown East$1,295,00011.531,239Condo
270 West End Avenue 4E Upper West Side$1,295,000226Co-op
215 West 92nd Street 3B Upper West Side$1,295,000225Co-op
67 Riverside Drive 4C Upper West Side$1,295,000214Co-op
24 West 70th Street 1 Upper West Side$1,290,000224Co-op
555 MAIN ST 712 Roosevelt Island$1,280,65732.551,603Co-op
330 East 38th Street 52L Murray Hill$1,280,000224.51,040Condo
145 West 86th Street 9D Upper West Side$1,276,0002251,400Co-op
1435 Lexington Avenue 8B Carnegie Hill$1,276,00043.592,790Co-op
65 West 95th Street 6C Upper West Side$1,275,000224Co-op
109 West 89th St Upper West Side$1,275,00022Townhouse
2 Columbus Avenue 11C Upper West Side$1,275,00022.541,275Condo
118 Riverside Drive 15C Upper West Side$1,275,000224.5Co-op
150 COLUMBUS AVE 5A Upper West Side$1,270,00022.54.51,725Condo
565 West End Avenue 3A Upper West Side$1,250,000224.51,350Co-op
685 West End Avenue 9C Upper West Side$1,250,00021.54.5Co-op
155 East 93rd Street 9EF Carnegie Hill$1,250,0002341,500Co-op
555 MAIN ST 910 Roosevelt Island$1,245,00032.561,595Co-op
360 West 19th Street Chelsea/Hudson Yards$1,242,5002241,600Condo
111 East 85th Street 28G Upper East Side$1,235,00022.55Co-op
245 West 74th Street 4A Upper West Side$1,235,000225Co-op
470 West End Avenue 2F Upper West Side$1,235,00021.54Co-op
175 West 12th Street2HGreenwich Village$1,230,465113.5800Condo
372 Central Park West 14W Upper West Side$1,225,000113.5Condo
150 COLUMBUS AVE 18B Upper West Side$1,225,00011.53875Condo
321 West 78th Street PH10B Upper West Side$1,225,000113840Co-op
343 East 50th Street 3C Midtown East$1,225,00011.531,328Condo
343 East 50th Street 3E Midtown East$1,225,00011.531,232Condo
106 West 116th Street PH15B Harlem$1,220,0003251,226Condo
36 Sutton Place South 2C Sutton Area$1,220,000224.5Co-op
215 West 90th Street 14G Upper West Side$1,215,0002141,087Condo
134 East 93rd Street 6A Carnegie Hill$1,215,0002241,072Condo
2166 Broadway 7B Upper West Side$1,210,000325Co-op
345 West 70th Street 5B Upper West Side$1,203,000216Co-op
372 Central Park West 8R Upper West Side$1,200,000224.51,141Condo
345 West 70th Street 3D Upper West Side$1,200,000214Co-op
61 East 77th Street 4BC Upper East Side$1,200,000224.5Co-op
315 West End Avenue 1C Upper West Side$1,195,000325.5Co-op
330 East 38th Street 5K Murray Hill$1,190,0002251,200Condo
333 East 34th Street 8D Murray Hill$1,185,0002.524.51,185Condo
115 East 90th Street 6A Carnegie Hill$1,180,00021.55Co-op
340 East 74th StreetPHAUpper East Side$1,175,000114.5900Co-op
410 Central Park West 8A Upper West Side$1,170,000224.5Co-op
105 West 73rd Street 6C Upper West Side$1,165,0002151,300Co-op
9 East 96th Street Carnegie Hill$1,165,0002261,675Co-op
2 Columbus Avenue Upper West Side$1,160,00022Townhouse
372 Central Park West 3R Upper West Side$1,160,0002241,200Condo
1199 Park Avenue 14D Upper East Side$1,160,000114Co-op
100 Riverside Drive 19D Upper West Side$1,155,000113Co-op
145 West 86th Street 10A Upper West Side$1,150,0002261,800Co-op
755 West End Avenue 5C Upper West Side$1,150,00032.561,650Co-op
575 MAIN ST 515 Roosevelt Island$1,150,00032.561,603Co-op
343 East 50th Street 5C Midtown East$1,150,00011.531,203Condo
115 East 86th St Upper East Side$1,150,00022Townhouse
9 East 96th Street 12A Carnegie Hill$1,150,000226.5Co-op
345 West 70th Street 4A Upper West Side$1,145,000225Co-op
345 West 88th Street 7A Upper West Side$1,135,000226Co-op
255 West 84th Street 3D Upper West Side$1,125,0002251,200Co-op
555 MAIN ST 1113 Roosevelt Island$1,125,00032.551,595Co-op
363 East 76th Street 20C Upper East Side$1,125,000224.51,300Co-op
229 East 79th Street 16A Upper East Side$1,125,000325Co-op
20 Sutton Place South 12B Sutton Area$1,125,000224.51,325Co-op
9 East 96th Street 11B Carnegie Hill$1,125,0002261,675Co-op
575 MAIN ST 909 Roosevelt Island$1,120,00032.561,656Co-op
333 East 34th Street 16A Murray Hill$1,100,0002241,135Condo
325 West 52nd Street 2B Midtown West$1,100,0002251,100Co-op
350 West 57th Street 5A Midtown West$1,100,000113.5955Condo
20 Sutton Place South 2D Sutton Area$1,100,000224.5Co-op
52 East 78th Street 8-9A Upper East Side$1,100,000226Co-op
176 East 71st Street 5B Upper East Side$1,100,00022.551,550Co-op
2166 Broadway 7B Upper West Side$1,100,000325Co-op
110 Riverside Drive 12C Upper West Side$1,100,0002261,875Co-op
244 Riverside Drive 1D Upper West Side$1,100,00031.56Co-op
171 West 79th Street 13-4 Upper West Side$1,100,00021.54.51,150Co-op
211 West 71st Street 8B Upper West Side$1,100,000113.5785Condo
30 West 90th St Upper West Side$1,100,00032Townhouse
108 East 91st Street6BCarnegie Hill$1,100,0002141,024Co-op
123 West 74th Street Upper West Side$1,095,00021.55Co-op
18 West 70th Street 3C Upper West Side$1,095,000325Co-op
137 Riverside Drive 4A Upper West Side$1,095,000225Co-op
205 East 16th Street 4F Gramercy$1,095,000224.51,120Condo
330 West 72nd Street 11C Upper West Side$1,085,000224.5Co-op
115 East 90th Street 6B Carnegie Hill$1,085,00021.55Co-op
415 Central Park West 10E Upper West Side$1,080,000236Co-op
170 East 87th Street E15C Upper East Side$1,065,00011.53872Condo
225 East 36th Street 20FG Murray Hill$1,050,000224.5Co-op
215 West 95th Street Upper West Side$1,050,0002241,032Condo
11 Riverside Drive Upper West Side$1,050,00032Townhouse
119 West 71st Street2CUpper West Side$1,050,000215940Co-op
137 Riverside Drive 4A Upper West Side$1,045,000225Co-op
145 West 86th Street 3A Upper West Side$1,040,000326.51,800Co-op
343 East 50th Street 3A Midtown East$1,040,00011.531,033Condo
555 MAIN ST 1105 Roosevelt Island$1,040,0002241,107Co-op
575 MAIN ST 604 Roosevelt Island$1,040,0002251,137Co-op
215 West 95th Street 16H Upper West Side$1,035,0002241,033Condo
250 West 88th Street PH805 Upper West Side$1,025,000225Condo
2109 Broadway 14-131 Upper West Side$1,025,000113.5889Condo
555 MAIN ST 804 Roosevelt Island$1,020,0002251,107Co-op
345 West 70th Street 1F Upper West Side$1,015,000317Co-op
305 West 98th Street 4DS Upper West Side$1,004,0002141,200Co-op
222 Riverside Drive 9E Upper West Side$999,000113Condo
224 Riverside Drive 4B Upper West Side$999,000214Co-op
890 West End Avenue 3D Upper West Side$999,0002.52.561,350Co-op
50 West 96th Street 4C Upper West Side$999,00021.54Co-op
343 East 50th Street 5A Midtown East$998,00011.53918Condo
45 West 54th Street 10C Midtown West$998,0002241,100Co-op
343 East 50th Street 5D Midtown East$995,00011.53918Condo
404 Riverside Drive 8C Morningside Heights$995,000113.5Co-op
575 MAIN ST 605 Roosevelt Island$995,0002241,137Co-op
529 West 42nd Street 1G Clinton$995,000213.52,200Co-op
311 West 83rd Street 4C Upper West Side$995,00022.541,400Co-op
274 West 95th Street 2-3 Upper West Side$995,000325Townhouse
24 West 70th Street 3 Upper West Side214Co-op
211 West 71st Street 3B Upper West Side$995,000113772Condo
1050 Fifth Avenue6BUpper East Side$995,0002251,900Co-op
176 West 87th Street 8E Upper West Side$990,000214Co-op
23 West 73rd Street 1116 Upper West Side$990,000113Co-op
375 West End Avenue10DUpper West Side$985,000225Co-op
215 West 75th Street 12A Upper West Side$985,000214Co-op
215 West 95th Street 14H Upper West Side$982,1252241,032Condo
67 Riverside Drive 6C Upper West Side$980,000214.5Co-op
575 MAIN ST 1802 Roosevelt Island$980,0002251,053Co-op
61 East 77th Street 5D Upper East Side$980,000224Co-op
420 Riverside Drive 9D Morningside Heights$975,00021.551,100Co-op
315 West 99th Street 4B Upper West Side$975,00021.55Co-op
67 Riverside Drive 1C Upper West Side$975,000214Co-op
44 West 62nd Street 25C Upper West Side$975,00011.54Co-op
215 West 91st Street 106 Upper West Side$975,00021.55Co-op
9 East 96th St Upper East Side$975,00022
440 West End Avenue 12E Upper West Side$969,00021.54Co-op
101 West 87th Street 604 Upper West Side$968,435113662Condo
240 West End Avenue9CUpper West Side$968,000113711Condo
336 West End Avenue7EFUpper West Side$967,500225.51,500Co-op
77 Park Avenue 14H Murray Hill$965,00011.54850Condo
202 West 78th Street 4E Upper West Side$957,0002141,100Co-op
33 Riverside Drive 15D Upper West Side$950,529113865Co-op
789 West End Avenue 10B Upper West Side$950,000215Co-op
205 East 16th Street 4E Gramercy$950,00011.53911Condo
9 East 96th St Upper East Side$950,00022
600 West End Avenue 7A Upper West Side$935,00021.551,100Co-op
615 East 11th Street B4 East Village$930,0003251,264Condo
8 West 65th Street 2A Upper West Side$925,000224Condo
105 East 16th St Gramercy$925,00022Townhouse
20 West 64th St Upper West Side$925,00022Townhouse
315 West 72nd St Upper West Side$925,00022
490 West End Avenue Upper West Side$925,00023Townhouse
300 Riverside Drive 2E Upper West Side$921,50021.551,350Co-op
205 East 16th Street 3E Gramercy$920,00011.54.5988Condo
35 West 92nd Street 5G Upper West Side$920,000224.5Co-op
205 East 16th Street 6E Gramercy$911,344Studio11879Condo
201 West 70th Street40FUpper West Side$900,000113.5900Co-op
575 MAIN ST 905 Roosevelt Island$899,000224Co-op
1601 Third Avenue 17H Upper East Side$895,000224.51,183Condo
201 West 21st Street 10F Chelsea/Hudson Yards$895,000113Co-op
2000 Broadway 16A Upper West Side$895,00011.53926Condo
341 West 87th Street 4R Upper West Side$895,000113Co-op
124 West 93rd Street 1F Upper West Side$890,000113.5730Condo
477 FDR DRIVEM1807Lower East Side$880,0002151,000Co-op
839 West End Avenue 2D Upper West Side$875,000225Co-op
110 Riverside Drive 1B Upper West Side$875,000114.51,100Co-op
225 East 73rd Street 7G Upper East Side$875,000114Co-op
1175 York Avenue 17C Upper East Side$870,0003251,450Condop
60 Riverside Drive 14B Upper West Side$869,00011.54985Co-op
60 Riverside Drive 2A Upper West Side$860,000224Co-op
255 West 84th Street 4C Upper West Side$850,000225Co-op
555 MAIN ST 1402 Roosevelt Island$850,0002251,053Co-op
106 West 116th Street 9C Harlem$850,00032.55.51,215Condo
240 East 47th Street 2B Midtown East$850,00021.54.51,366Condo
406 East 73rd Street 5R Upper East Side$849,000225.51,400Co-op
555 MAIN ST 1202 Roosevelt Island$845,0002251,053Co-op
333 East 34th Street 10K Murray Hill$840,000314.5895Condo
333 East 34th Street 8K Murray Hill$840,0001.523.5895Condo
311 West 83rd Street 2A Upper West Side$840,00022.551,500Co-op
315 Riverside Drive 14B Upper West Side$835,000224.51,250Co-op
315 West End Avenue 5A Upper West Side$835,000113.51,000Co-op
128 Central Park South 14C Central Park South$835,00011.53.5Co-op
575 MAIN ST 606 Roosevelt Island$835,000224Co-op
35 West 90th Street 8C Upper West Side$825,000224.51,168Co-op
129 West 77th St Upper West Side$825,00022Townhouse
575 MAIN ST 804 Roosevelt Island$823,0002241,137Co-op
250 Mercer Street D302 Greenwich Village$815,000113950Co-op
205 East 16th Street 5E Gramercy$809,509113786Condo
874 Broadway 501 Flatiron$805,0001.51.53.5Co-op
309 East 49th Street 1B Midtown East$800,0001.513.5833Condo
233 East 69th Street 11J Upper East Side$800,000214Co-op
220 Riverside Blvd 4U Upper West Side$800,000113773Condo
1641 Third Avenue 35H Upper East Side$795,000224.51,162Condo
575 MAIN ST 1307 Roosevelt Island$795,0002251,053Co-op
77 Bleecker Street705Greenwich Village$790,000113675Co-op
555 MAIN ST 102 Roosevelt Island$787,9382251,053Co-op
555 MAIN ST 1002 Roosevelt Island$785,000214Co-op
575 MAIN ST 602 Roosevelt Island$785,000224Co-op
575 MAIN ST 903 Roosevelt Island$780,0002251,053Co-op
257 West 117th Street 5A Harlem$780,0002251,331Condo
134 West 81st Street GR Upper West Side$779,000113.5Co-op
120 Central Park South 7F Central Park South$775,000113.5850Co-op
140 West 58th Street 9C Midtown West$775,000214950Co-op
372 Central Park West14SUpper West Side$775,000Studio12.5550Condo
201 West 70th St Upper West Side$770,00022Townhouse
106 West 116th Street 11B Harlem$765,000224965Condo
555 MAIN ST 702 Roosevelt Island$765,0002241,053Co-op
355 Riverside Drive PH16E Morningside Heights$760,000123.5Co-op
159 East 30th Street 4B Murray Hill$760,000113.5648Condo
310 West End Avenue 8D Upper West Side$760,00011.53.5850Co-op
270 West End Avenue Upper West Side$760,00022Townhouse
60 East 96th Street 8E Carnegie Hill$760,000214.51,200Co-op
250 West 88th Street 605 Upper West Side$759,000214790Condo
555 MAIN ST 602 Roosevelt Island$755,0002241,053Co-op
222 East 17th Street 1 Gramercy$750,0002241,800Co-op
575 MAIN ST 202 Roosevelt Island$750,000224Co-op
123 West 93rd Street 2D Upper West Side$750,000325.51,400Co-op
18 West 70th Street 2D Upper West Side$750,000224.5Co-op
175 West 93rd Street 9E Upper West Side$750,000113Co-op
305 West 86th St Upper West Side$750,00022Townhouse
346 West 121st St, TWNH Harlem$750,000Studio
300 West 108th Street15DUpper West Side$750,0002251,200Co-op
345 West 55th Street 3B Midtown West$749,000214900Co-op
839 West End Avenue 6A Upper West Side$747,500315Co-op
40 West 72nd Street 112 Upper West Side$745,000113.5Co-op
215 West 91st Street 125 Upper West Side$745,00021.551,350Co-op
315 Riverside Drive 14B Upper West Side$740,000224.51,250Co-op
575 MAIN ST 207 Roosevelt Island$735,0002241,053Co-op
510 East 80th Street 7B Upper East Side$735,000124925Condo
105 West 73rd St Upper West Side$735,00022Townhouse
41 West 72nd Street Upper West Side$730,00022Townhouse
41 West 72nd Street 12G Upper West Side$730,000113666Condo
106 West 116th Street 9B Harlem$725,000224965Condo
555 MAIN ST 107 Roosevelt Island$720,000225Co-op
20 West 72nd Street 905 Upper West Side$720,000224Co-op
328 West 86th Street 11C Upper West Side$717,00021.54Co-op
575 MAIN ST 103 Roosevelt Island$715,0002251,053Co-op
134 West 81st Street GR Upper West Side$710,000113.5Co-op
205 West 89th Street PH8 Upper West Side$710,000113Co-op
333 East 34th Street 17L Murray Hill$705,000113780Condo
170 West End Avenue24JUpper West Side$700,000113Co-op
575 MAIN ST 406 Roosevelt Island$699,0002251,053Co-op
2373 Broadway Upper West Side$699,000113679Condop
306 West 90th St Upper West Side$695,00022Townhouse
308 East 79th St Upper East Side$680,00022Townhouse
205 East 16th Street 5D Gramercy$680,000113653Condo
575 MAIN ST 1508 Roosevelt Island$675,930114803Co-op
6 West 77th St Upper West Side$675,00011
575 MAIN ST 1101 Roosevelt Island$670,825114803Co-op
575 MAIN ST 1701 Roosevelt Island$665,000114803Co-op
157 West 79th Street 3C Upper West Side$665,000113Co-op
575 MAIN ST 1208 Roosevelt Island$660,225114803Co-op
555 MAIN ST 1608 Roosevelt Island$652,000114803Co-op
106 West 116th Street 5A Harlem$650,0002251,052Condo
372 Central Park West Upper West Side$650,00022Townhouse
1641 Third Avenue 16C Upper East Side$649,000113789Condo
315 West 70th St Upper West Side$647,50022Townhouse
1641 Third Avenue 18J Upper East Side$645,000213.5833Condo
275 West 96th Street17FUpper West Side$640,000224880Condo
345 East 73rd Street 7B Upper East Side$635,000113.5900Co-op
301 East 79th Street 5E Upper East Side$635,000113625Condo
275 West 96th Street 2F Upper West Side$635,000113850Condo
575 MAIN ST 701 Roosevelt Island$628,508114803Co-op
7 West 96th St Upper West Side$626,00022Townhouse
155 East 91st Street 6A Upper East Side$625,000224.51,100Co-op
305 West 98th Street 4DS Upper West Side$625,0002141,200Co-op
333 East 34th Street 15G Murray Hill$620,000113670Condo
205 East 63rd Street 4G Upper East Side$616,500224Co-op
410 Central Park West Upper West Side$615,00011Townhouse
151 West 83rd St Upper West Side$615,00022
510 East 80th Street 10A Upper East Side$610,000113.5Condo
1623 Third Avenue 25D Upper East Side$610,000113.5850Condo
414 East 52nd Street 5F Beekman$610,000113.5950Co-op
333 East 34th Street 14O Murray Hill$605,000113620Condo
241 East 76th Street 3F Upper East Side$605,000113.5Co-op
221 West 82nd Street 10B Upper West Side$600,00011.53.5750Condop
23 West 83rd Street 3F Upper West Side$600,000113Co-op
675 West End Avenue 14D Upper West Side$599,000113Co-op
14 Prince Street 5B Soho/Nolita$599,0002141,200Condo
575 MAIN ST 1108 Roosevelt Island$595,000113803Co-op
106 West 116th Street 2B Harlem$595,000224.51,013Condo
110 East 87th Street 9C Carnegie Hill$595,000214862Condo
64 East 86th Street 13A Carnegie Hill$590,000114950Co-op
555 MAIN ST 1103 Roosevelt Island$585,000113803Co-op
243 West End Avenue 409 Upper West Side$585,000123.5Co-op
257 Central Park West 7G Upper West Side$585,000123600Co-op
301 West 110th Street 3M Morningside Heights$583,000213.5830Condo
302 West 86th St Upper West Side$580,00021.5Townhouse
555 MAIN ST 1003 Roosevelt Island$575,000113803Co-op
415 Central Park West 7AF Upper West Side$570,0002141,000Co-op
54 East 8th Street1FGreenwich Village$570,000113700Co-op
135 East 83rd Street 10D Upper East Side$569,00011.531,055Co-op
111 West 82nd St Upper West Side$560,00022Townhouse
555 MAIN ST 708 Roosevelt Island$558,000114803Co-op
2 Beekman Place 12-D Beekman$549,000113750Co-op
555 MAIN ST 1101 Roosevelt Island$549,000114803Co-op
555 MAIN ST 703 Roosevelt Island$541,000113803Co-op
555 MAIN ST 901 Roosevelt Island$540,000113803Co-op
205 West 95th Street Upper West Side$535,000113700Co-op
555 MAIN ST 603 Roosevelt Island$530,000113803Co-op
106 West 116th Street 11A Harlem$530,000113628Condo
555 MAIN ST 106 Roosevelt Island$528,600113Co-op
555 MAIN ST 306 Roosevelt Island$527,147114803Co-op
106 West 116th Street 10A Harlem$520,000113Condo
49 East 12th Street 4G Greenwich Village$520,000113Co-op
425 East 63rd Street E8J Upper East Side$520,000114Condop
575 MAIN ST 301 Roosevelt Island$517,446114813Co-op
30 West 60th St Upper West Side$515,00022Townhouse
77 Bleecker Street 206 Greenwich Village$512,500Studio12525Co-op
220 Manhattan Avenue 2A Upper West Side$512,500113.5640Condo
575 MAIN ST 1711 Roosevelt Island$502,307Studio12Co-op
106 West 116th Street 9A Harlem$495,000113628Condo
215 East 80th Street 4C Upper East Side$495,000Studio12.5615Condo
106 West 116th Street 6B Harlem$485,000113.5749Condo
253 West 73rd Street 3E Upper West Side$480,000113741Condo
205 East 63rd Street 12C Upper East Side114Co-op
555 MAIN ST 1811 Roosevelt Island$465,000Studio12596Co-op
35 Park Avenue 7D Murray Hill$460,000113900Co-op
225 West 70th Street 3F Upper West Side$460,000113530Co-op
145 West 86th Street13CUpper West Side$459,000113750Co-op
345 East 93rd Street 23H Upper East Side$457,500113Co-op
345 East 93rd Street 6K Upper East Side$455,000113808Co-op
301 West 110th Street 4C Morningside Heights$455,000113580Condo
250 West 88th Street 702 Upper West Side$450,000Studio12475Condo
555 MAIN ST 1511 Roosevelt Island$445,000Studio12596Co-op
555 MAIN ST 1411 Roosevelt Island$440,000Studio12596Co-op
575 MAIN ST 1611 Roosevelt Island$440,000Studio12Co-op
345 East 93rd Street 19E Upper East Side$439,000113650Co-op
400 East 85th Street 16H Upper East Side$435,000113Co-op
330 Third Avenue 8J Murray Hill$435,000Studio12.5600Co-op
405 East 63rd Street7CUpper East Side$435,000Studio12Co-op
340 East 93rd Street9LUpper East Side$425,000113650Co-op
205 East 63rd Street 17E Upper East Side113900Co-op
151 East 83rd Street 2F Upper East Side$415,000113875Co-op
575 MAIN ST 1311 Roosevelt Island$415,000Studio12596Co-op
205 East 63rd Street 8E Upper East Side$410,000113800Co-op
555 MAIN ST 1111 Roosevelt Island$410,000Studio12596Co-op
263 West End Avenue 6B Upper West Side$410,000113Co-op
40 West 72nd Street 34 Upper West Side$410,000113Co-op
24 Fifth Avenue 804 Greenwich Village$402,500Studio12Co-op
575 MAIN ST 1811 Roosevelt Island$392,900Studio12596Co-op
555 MAIN ST 311 Roosevelt Island$389,000Studio13596Co-op
508 East 78th Street 3D Upper East Side$379,000Studio12.5Co-op
575 MAIN ST 911 Roosevelt Island$378,000Studio12596Co-op
301 East 22nd Street 3J Gramercy$367,000114950Co-op
220 East 17th Street 1AF Gramercy$365,000Studio24Co-op
403 East 62nd Street 6B Upper East Side$355,000113675Condo
878 West End Avenue 9D Upper West Side$350,000113700Co-op
111 West 88th Street 4R Upper West Side$350,000113500Co-op
235 East 22nd Street 2B Gramercy$349,000Studio12.5Co-op
205 East 63rd Street 10E Upper East Side$340,000113Co-op
900 West 190th Street 9E Washington Heights$340,000113775Co-op
435 East 85th Street 2G Upper East Side$325,000Studio12400Co-op
250 West 89th Street 7A Upper West Side$325,000Studio12450Condop
333 East 66th Street 1H Upper East Side$315,000Studio12.5Co-op
205 East 78th Street 11E Upper East Side$265,000Studio13400Co-op
221 East 50th Street 4C Midtown East$262,500Studio12Co-op
35 West 81st Street 9F Upper West Side$230,000Studio12400Co-op
229 East 81st Street V Upper East Side$225,000112.5Co-op
227 East 87th Street 4A Upper East Side$148,500Studio12375Co-op
140 West 71st Street Upper West Side$115,000Studio12300Co-op
410 Central Park West Upper West Side$105,00032Townhouse
302 W. 12th StreetWest Village113850Condo

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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
372 West 11th Street West Village$27,00044.58Townhouse
390 West End Avenue 6C Upper West Side$25,0004473,100Condo
157 West 57th Street 39C Midtown West$21,25022.541,985Condo
1 CENTRE MARKET PLACE Soho/Nolita$20,00054.59Townhouse
163 East 71st Street QUADPLEX Upper East Side4382,715Condo
246 West End Avenue 12C Upper West Side$18,000548.5Co-op
129 West 95th Street Upper West Side$15,500539Townhouse
73 WORTH ST PHC Tribeca$15,0004263,169Condo
50 West 29th Street PH Flatiron$14,70032.582,600Co-op
351 East 51st Street Beekman$14,50043.562,245Condo
43 West 64th Street 5C Upper West Side$13,95033.552,044Condo
50 West 29th Street PH Flatiron32.582,600Co-op
351 East 51st Street Beekman$12,60022.552,019Condo
140 East 63rd Street Upper East Side$12,00022.54.51,794Condo
351 East 51st Street Beekman$10,75022.55.51,581Condo
55 LIBERTY ST 24B Financial District$10,00043.572,650Co-op
251 West 89th Street 9E Upper West Side$10,00032.57Condo
80 Riverside Blvd34BUpper West Side$10,0003371,712Condo
167 East 82nd Street 8A Upper East Side$9,50032.551,621Condo
167 East 82nd Street 8A Upper East Side$9,25032.551,621Condo
55 East 86th Street 9C Carnegie Hill$8,90032.572,000Condo
145 West 79th Street 3AB Upper West Side$7,200327Co-op
21 ASTOR PLACE 5A Greenwich Village$7,000123.51,200Condo
610 Park Avenue8DUpper East Side$6,50011.53986Condo
140 West 80th Street 4 Upper West Side$6,350325Co-op
300 East 77th Street 6A Upper East Side$6,0002251,664Condo
228 West 137th Street TOWNHOUSE Harlem$5,900549Townhouse
301 West 118th Street PH1G Harlem335.51,493Condo
640 West End Avenue 10D Upper West Side$4,5002241,200Condo
6 East 92nd Street GARDEN Carnegie Hill$4,2501261,400Rental Building
120 East 86th Street 6A Carnegie Hill$4,000214850Co-op
200 East 69th Street 6I Upper East Side$3,20011.53652Condo
130 East 63rd Street 6D Upper East Side$3,000113.5800Condop
49 West 72nd Street 7C Upper West Side$2,900113650Co-op
275 West 96th Street 26C Upper West Side$2,700113670Condo
120 East 87th Street R6 Upper East Side$2,575114Condo
76 West 85th Street 3E Upper West Side$2,400113638Condo
211 Thompson Street 3G Greenwich Village$2,300Studio12Co-op
170 West 74th Street 308 Upper West Side113540Co-op
26 West 97th Street 2A Upper West Side$2,000113700Condo
About Deanna

Deanna Kory has distinguished herself as one of the leading agents in Manhattan overall as well as continuously ranking among the top 3 brokers in sales volume within The Corcoran Group. With over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, Deanna Kory has built a reputation as a hard-working broker with the intellect, knowledge, sensitivity, and expertise to assist all of her clients in realizing their real estate goals. She has a predominantly referral-based clientele which is a testament to these attributes. Along with her team, Deanna has sold well over $1.5 billion of residential real estate in Manhattan in the last decade alone and her team has grown over the years to become a unified and strong presence throughout the city. From East Side to West Side, Downtown to Uptown, the team has first-hand knowledge of all of Manhattan’s varied markets.

A testament to Deanna and her team's marketing success is the sheer variety and depth of her transactions: Deanna has marketed and sold apartments and townhouses of all varieties, from large properties in top buildings on Central Park West and Fifth Avenue to downtown lofts and numerous condo and coop sales of all sizes city-wide. In addition to marketing apartments and townhouses, Deanna has headed up several sales teams in major new developments including one $300 million dollar development where she was responsible for over $100 million in sales within 9 months. She is lauded in the industry and by her loyal clientele for her brilliance in marketing and for facilitating the best possible sale for the seller.

She consistently ranks within the list of top broker city-wide and nationwide every year, as well as holding many other honors repeatedly year after year.

Deanna’s warm personality and her career accomplishments have won her recognition inside and outside the industry. She is often sought-after for her expert analysis and opinions on the condition of the residential real estate market, as well as current trends in the print media including the New York Times, The Real Deal, and New York Magazine, as well as television media, including NY1, WNBC’s Today in New York, and LXTV’s Open House NYC.

  • 32 Years in Real Estate
  • 30 Years in Staging Apartments
  • 2015 Manhattan Team of the Year
  • 2015 Wall Street Journal Best RE Agents in America
  • 2015 President`s Council
  • 2016 Wall Street Journal Best RE Agents in America
Memberships & Clubs
  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • Multi-Million Dollar Club
  • NY Residential Specialist
  • Women Presidents' Organization
  • Real Estate Board of New York Executive Committee
  • Corcoran Cares

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