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Leighton C          Candler
Leighton C Candler Licensed Associate RE Broker
Licensed as Leighton C Candler

Office: East Side
660 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10065
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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
1060 Fifth AvenueUpper East Side$48,836,00076.5Co-op
1060 Fifth Avenue13B-PHBCarnegie Hill$46,000,00076.517Co-op
973 Fifth AvenueUpper East Side$42,000,00013,300Townhouse
927 Fifth Avenue11 FLUpper East Side$34,602,00055.5146,200Co-op
50 Central Park SouthCentral Park South$30,000,00044Condo
1040 Fifth Avenue 15 FL Upper East Side$30,000,00055.5125,300Co-op
50 Central Park SouthCentral Park South$28,500,00044Condo
1020 Fifth AvenueUpper East Side$26,750,00055Co-op
157 East 70th Street Upper East Side$26,050,000Townhouse
2 East 67th Street 9 Upper East Side$26,000,00066.5116,200Co-op
640 Park Avenue11 FLUpper East Side$25,870,00056186,200Co-op
950 Fifth AvenueUpper East Side$25,000,00033.5Co-op
58 East 66th Street Upper East Side$24,175,00069.5129,600Townhouse
1 East 62nd Street PH Upper East Side$24,000,00044.5115,100Condo
51 East 80th Street Upper East Side$23,500,00079.5168,876Townhouse
135 East 79th Street PH 19W Upper East Side$22,294,68854.5115,429Condo
502 Park AvenuePH24Upper East Side$21,383,25057.5126,192Condo
1040 Fifth AvenueUpper East Side$21,000,00055Co-op
1040 Fifth Avenue 14A Upper East Side$21,000,00044.510Co-op
16 East 95th StreetCarnegie Hill$19,600,0005,164Townhouse
7 East 80th StreetUpper East Side$19,000,000Townhouse
740 Park AvenueUpper East Side$18,000,00066.5188,500Co-op
212 West 18th StreetPH5 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$17,500,00034.573,396Condo
135 East 79th Street PH 17E Upper East Side$17,310,25045.584,476Condo
46 East 81st Street Upper East Side$16,000,00076.5125,400Townhouse
765 Park Avenue MAISA Upper East Side$14,037,50033.59Co-op
222 East 62nd Street Upper East Side$13,938,00055.512Townhouse
240 Riverside Blvd PH3 Upper West Side$13,000,00054.5115,168Condo
22 East 95th StreetCarnegie Hill$12,500,00068166,680Townhouse
135 East 79th Street PH 19E Upper East Side$12,000,0002373,558Condo
515 Park Avenue 14 FL Upper East Side56105,022Condo
521 Park Avenue8 FLUpper East Side$11,700,00054.55,022Condo
41 Bond StreetPHGreenwich Village$11,500,00022.552,700Condo
875 Fifth Avenue19AUpper East Side$10,800,000247Co-op
5 East 93rd Street Carnegie Hill$10,600,00075.5146,254Townhouse
760 Park Avenue 6 FL Upper East Side$10,000,00034.5104,030Co-op
36 East 64th StreetUpper East Side$10,000,00055.510Townhouse
817 Fifth Avenue MAIS 1-2 Upper East Side$9,500,00055.5135,500Condo
63 East 80th Street Upper East Side$9,250,00064.5134,258Townhouse
152 East 62nd Street Upper East Side$8,250,00053.5104,000Townhouse
450 East 52nd Street PH12-14 Sutton Area$8,250,00022.5103,212Co-op
955 Fifth Avenue9ABUpper East Side$7,890,00046134,800Co-op
925 Park AvenueUpper East Side$7,750,00044Co-op
60 East 83rd Street Upper East Side$7,530,000Townhouse
400 East 51st Street PH30 Midtown East$7,500,00054.573,688Condo
18 LEONARD ST4DTribeca$6,750,00032.583,755Condo
1 Central Park West33DUpper West Side$6,455,00033.562,165Condo
1120 Park Avenue 14B Carnegie Hill$6,125,00033.582,650Co-op
131 East 71st Street Upper East Side$6,100,00066166,236Townhouse
2 East 70th Street 6-7B Upper East Side$5,995,000237Co-op
33 GREENE ST3WSoho/Nolita$5,890,00054124,800Co-op
870 United Nations Plaza 37-38E Midtown East$5,500,00044.594,589Co-op
44 West 77th Street 4E Upper West Side$5,400,00032.582,800Co-op
188 East 64 3503-3504 Upper East Side$5,400,00054.593,000Condo
15 West 53rd Street 45BC Midtown West$5,300,0003362,890Condo
1060 Fifth Avenue 3D Carnegie Hill$5,000,0003482,800Co-op
92 GREENE ST2BSoho/Nolita$5,000,0003362,180Condo
37 West 12th Street5JGreenwich Village$5,000,00043.572,200Co-op
1130 Park Avenue 9-1 Carnegie Hill$4,885,0003272,700Co-op
181 East 65th Street 6A Upper East Side$4,850,0004482,307Condo
44 West 77th Street 10E Upper West Side$4,600,000338Co-op
1120 Park Avenue14BUpper East Side$4,500,00034.5Condo
121 East 91st Street Carnegie Hill$4,450,000444,054Townhouse
400 East 51st Street 24B Midtown East$4,200,00033.562,347Condo
476 Broadway 4F Soho/Nolita$4,200,0002374,000Condo
400 East 51st Street 27B Midtown East$4,200,00033.562,347Condo
91 Central Park West13AUpper West Side$4,065,0003482,700Co-op
923 Fifth AvenueUpper East Side$3,820,0003372,601Condo
225 Central Park West 1701-07 Upper West Side$3,800,0003361,800Co-op
31 East 79th Street 6E Upper East Side$3,800,0002262,200Co-op
641 Fifth Avenue24ABMidtown East$3,800,00032.562,259Condo
184 East 64th Street 4-5 FL Upper East Side$3,400,0004482,800Condo
139 East 79th Street6 FLUpper East Side$3,340,00034113,600Co-op
322 East 57th Street 18-19A Sutton Area$3,000,00033.573,300Co-op
40 East 61st Street12CUpper East Side$2,950,00011.54950Condo
61 West 9th Street 5B Greenwich Village$2,810,000326Co-op
29 East 64th Street 10B Upper East Side$2,800,000225Co-op
220 East 73rd Street 6D Upper East Side$2,775,00033.572,700Co-op
525 East 80th Street12BUpper East Side$2,700,00043.572,150Condo
812 Fifth Avenue 10B Upper East Side$2,675,00023.562,000Co-op
310 East 53rd Street8AMidtown East$2,562,12522.54.51,603Condo
311 East 11th Street 1B East Village$2,400,00022.541,355Condo
40 East 78th Street 5CD Upper East Side$2,400,0005483,000Condo
205 East 59th Street Upper East Side$2,392,500225.51,375Condo
1112 Park Avenue 10C Carnegie Hill$2,300,0002262,000Co-op
32 East 76th Street 505 Upper East Side$1,850,000224.51,308Condo
500 Park Avenue 15D Midtown East$1,800,000225.51,708Condo
188 East 70th Street 18A Upper East Side$1,750,00022.551,433Condo
100 Jay Street 31C DUMBO/Vinegar Hill$1,475,0002241,183Condo
210 East 73rd Street3GHUpper East Side$1,380,000224.51,400Co-op
923 Fifth Avenue2FUpper East Side$1,350,0002241,285Condo
7 East 85th Street PHA Upper East Side$1,270,000113.5975Co-op
42 East 73rd Street 5 FL Upper East Side$1,166,15122.54.51,170Co-op
2109 Broadway 7-157 Upper West Side$1,150,000113607Condo
12 East 97th Street 4B Upper East Side$995,000214.5950Co-op
101 West 79th Street 11E Upper West Side$970,000123893Condo
RueCroix des Petits-Champs 6 Paris$895,000213656
8 East 83rd Street 11E Upper East Side$890,000113.5Co-op
55 Park Avenue4W Murray Hill$820,00021.541,200Co-op
49 East 96th Street 4B Carnegie Hill$717,5422141,000Co-op
12 East 97th Street 5B Upper East Side$700,000214950Co-op
4 East 70th Street 9D Upper East Side$630,000113900Co-op
50 East 79th Street 4F Upper East Side113650Co-op
315 East 70th Street 12Q Upper East Side$570,000113.5750Co-op
118 East 60th Street 16B Upper East Side$485,000113830Co-op

Showing rented in

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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
400 East 51st Street PH30 Midtown East$41,00054.573,688Condo
56 LEONARD ST 47 WEST Tribeca$39,50044.563,576Condo
56 LEONARD ST 39 WEST Tribeca$35,00044.563,412Condo
20 West 88th Street TRIPLEX Upper West Side$15,50052103,500Rental Building
151 East 85th Street9G Upper East Side$15,3002251,445Condo
151 East 85th Street 9G Upper East Side$14,9002251,445Condo
73 WORTH ST 3R Tribeca$14,5004352,498Condo
520 West 19th Street6CChelsea/Hudson Yards$14,50033.562,047Condo
23 Beekman Place PH Beekman$14,0003373,000Rental Building
56 LEONARD ST 44B EAST Tribeca$11,50022.541,418Condo
923 Fifth Avenue 2F Upper East Side$11,5002241,285Condo
923 Fifth Avenue 2F Upper East Side$11,0002241,285Condo
255 West 98th Street 7AD Upper West Side$10,00042.58Co-op
9 East 62nd Street 4 FL Upper East Side$9,0003252,000Rental Building
260 Park Ave South 9G Flatiron$8,50022.541,340Condo
260 Park Ave South 8G Flatiron$8,50022.551,340Condo
23 Beekman Place 2 Beekman$7,3002251,800Rental Building
545 West 110th Street 4B Upper West Side$7,000224.5Condo
545 West 110th Street 4B Upper West Side$6,500224.5Condo
545 West 110th Street 4B Upper West Side$6,250224.5Condo
101 LEONARD ST4ATribeca$5,300113835Condo
200 East 71st Street 6E Upper East Side$4,595113Rental Building
42 East 73rd Street 3B Upper East Side$3,500113Co-op
42 East 73rd Street 3B Upper East Side$3,200113Co-op
About Leighton

Member of President's Council 2012,
Ranked #3 Real Estate agent in the nation in Wall Street Journal 2012 Real Estate Top 250, Salesperson of the Year 2011,
Wall Street Journal 2011 Real Estate Top 250,
2009 Deal of the Year,
Wall Street Journal 2008 Real Estate Top 100

Leighton Candler represents the most unique and spectacular real estate in New York City. A seasoned industry veteran and top Manhattan broker for more than twenty years, both her clientele and her peers know her as an avid real estate connoisseur with more inside knowledge of the industry, the market and the history of New York than anyone else in the business. Little wonder that she enjoys the respect of her colleagues, to say nothing of a fiercely loyal clientele within the city's Who's Who.

With wide-reaching access and intimate insight into Manhattan's grandest high-end properties, Leighton serves the most discerning buyers and sellers with the utmost care, courtesy and confidentiality. She strives to assess her customer's specific needs and personality, and then zeroes in on the right neighborhood, building, and apartment to fulfill their requirements. Known for her integrity and candor, Leighton will not encourage deals until convinced that the fit is right for her client. She thrives upon the challenge of finding each customer their ideal home, scouring the island for her diverse patrons.

Originally from Atlanta, Leighton first came to New York more than two decades ago to attend Parsons School of Design, after which she spent three years in Paris directing a U.S.-based interior design firm and perfecting her French. Upon her return to Manhattan she worked as Vice President and Head Designer for the prominent firm of Elizabeth Draper, Inc., but soon started her own interior design company. Her keen creative energy and business acumen made for a supremely successful transition into real estate. After a decade as a top broker at Brown Harris Stevens, Leighton joined The Corcoran Group in 2001. She considers herself one of New York's biggest enthusiasts and as such involves herself in a variety of community-related volunteer activities.

  • 32 Years in Real Estate
  • 2015 Wall Street Journal Best RE Agents in America
  • 2015 Corcoran Group's Deal of the Year
  • 2014 Manhattan Salesperson of the Year
  • 2016 Wall Street Journal Best RE Agents in America
Memberships & Clubs
  • Piedmont Driving Club

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