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Finally Making It to Manhattan

By: Kim Velsey
Published: 6/11/2021Source: The New York Times

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Finally Making It to Manhattan
For those in other boroughs who dreamed of Manhattan, there was a silver lining to the pandemic: lower rents.
Jeff Godfrey, who spent the last 11 years living in Brooklyn, realized a longtime dream this spring: He moved to Manhattan.
“I just always wanted to try living in Manhattan,” said Mr. Godfrey, a 34-year-old artist and bartender, who scoured various listings sites for months after realizing that, thanks to plummeting rents, the borough was finally within reach. In April, he pounced on a spacious, newly renovated two-bedroom on the Lower East Side that rents for $2,400 a month — the same price he was paying for an unrenovated two-bedroom off the Halsey J train stop in Bushwick. The new place is even rent stabilized.
Which is perfect, as he plans to stay for decades.
“There’s creative energy, human energy — not just artists but many different types of people. You see more people on the streets,” said Mr. Godfrey, who shares his apartment with a roommate, but hopes one day to have the space to himself. “All of New York has that, but Manhattan has this compressed energy.”
Which is a far different vision of Manhattan than the one that has been widely broadcast over the past year: hollowed out by the pandemic, a place of empty office towers and boarded-up storefronts, many of its residents having fled to the suburbs or Florida, never to return.
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