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Return of the Pied-à-terre

By: Joanne Kaufman
Published: 8/27/2021Source: The New York Times

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Return of the Pied-à-terre
With much of New York City back in business, some of the people who left during the pandemic are coming back. Sort of.
By Joanne Kaufman
Aug. 27, 2021, 5:00 a.m. ET
When the coronavirus shut down New York City last year, Meredith Blair, a longtime resident of the Upper West Side, moved with her family to their weekend house in New Fairfield, Conn.
From there, Ms. Blair, 61, the president and chief executive of The Booking Group, which negotiates and routes national tours of Broadway shows, had ample time to ponder the imponderable: When would the pandemic end? When would Broadway be able to  reopen? When would shows go on the road again?
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