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Boerum Hill, Brooklyn: A ‘Village in the City’

By: Karin Lipson
Published: 2/2/2022Source: The New York Times

Featuring Sue Wolfe and Lissa Wolfe

Boerum Hill, Brooklyn: A ‘Village in the City’
With its desirable 19th-century rowhouses and convenient subway access, the neighborhood is both homey and worldly.
Katie McShane and her husband, James O’Reilly, were apartment-hunting in Brooklyn in 2017 when they noticed a “for sale” sign in front of a brick townhouse in Boerum Hill. Ms. McShane, now 36, was intrigued. Mr. O’Reilly, 38, recalls thinking, “There’s no way we could afford a townhouse.”
Not on their own, anyway. So they teamed up with Ms. McShane’s brother and his wife to buy the four-story house for $3.3 million, converting it into two duplexes.
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