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In the long, enduring tradition of slightly confusing Long Island naming conventions, East Hampton is located in a town also called East Hampton. With the waters of the Atlantic splashing up onto its shores, the village of East Hampton carries a reputation that puts it close to if not at the very pinnacle of all Hamptons locales. Why are people so drawn to this place? Because it’s utterly stunning, a state of being only strengthened by undeniably beautiful white sand beaches. Near the western border, Georgica Pond doubles down on East Hampton prestige. This community has counted film directors, business magnates, and presidents among its high-society residents. East Hampton’s name carries such a weight that even something as trivial-seeming as a windmill is recognized as historic. However, to be fair to Hook Windmill, it was built in 1806 and presently stands preserved and bedecked in its Hamptons-chic shingle style.

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History & Culture

East Hampton has undoubtedly come a long way from its c.1648 farming community roots. Like many of its neighbors, East Hampton’s trajectory toward summer resort destination began with the railroad. As the system was extended deeper into the East End, new worlds were opened up to more westerly visitors. However, despite being readily accessible today by anyone with a train ticket to the local station, East Hampton still carries itself as an invitation-only destination. Overcrowding is held at bay by limits on everything from the sizes of homes to the amount of beach parking passes. Still, East Hampton is light-years away from being a ghost town. Soaking up the sun from pristine sands, indulging in a world-class dinner, turning to your right to spot a celebrity: For all the regulations on it, life in East Hampton is still one that’s absolutely exciting to be immersed in.

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Dine & Shop

As the real estate in East Hampton stands above the rest in desirability, so do its restaurant prospects. Indeed, reservations may be needed if you want to snag a table at your preferred eatery. Top-notch prix fixe meals from celebrated chefs do abound, but if tasting menus aren’t exactly your taste, worry not. Even with menus featuring juicy cuts of meat and preparations of fish you’re not sure you’ve heard of, East Hampton makes room for more low-key diner and pub-type fare. Options for seafood are, of course, a guarantee as well. Clams, oysters, scallops—if it comes from a shell, you’ll probably find it. Like seemingly everything else does, so do East Hampton’s shopping options rank at or near tops in the region. Though Main Street is home to its share of familiar brands and luxury names, it is the boutiques where the village really makes its stamp.