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Get to Know Flemington

Flemington is a perfect example of a 19th-century county seat, boasting so many well-preserved historic buildings that the town looks remarkably like its past self at 100, or even 150, years ago. Flemington has one of the best collections of Victorian and Greek Revival buildings in the country, with more than 60 percent of the borough listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Plus, the town has a working steam train that runs between Lambertville and Flemington, adding to the overall old-timey feeling. At just a touch over one square mile, Flemington is what New Jerseyans calls a "doughnut hole town," as it is completely surrounded by Raritan Township — the encircling doughnut — and the two municipalities are often grouped together. Raritan Township has a larger population and many single-family houses on large lots, while Flemington offers some condos, as well as historic homes, within a walkable core.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Living in the Delaware River Towns

The Delaware River winds between New Jersey and Pennsylvania, serving as the dividing line between the two states. Ever since 1776, when George Washington crossed from today’s Bucks County, Pennsylvania, into today’s Mercer County, New Jersey, the two sides of this middle stretch of river have been tied together. Today, locals drive, bike, and walk — and sometimes, like Washington himself, boat — across the Delaware with frequent regularity, treating the two sides as one region. There’s a smattering of delightful little towns situated on both sides of the river that were founded as stops between New York and Philadelphia, during the heyday of the railroads and the Delaware and Raritan Canal. In the past few decades, the towns have experienced a renaissance as city dwellers have realized that just an hour’s drive leads to this bucolic region with world-class dining and shopping, rolling farmland, and gorgeous, historic houses.