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Cow Hollow

An inarguable destination for luxury shopping, decadent dining, and vibrant nightlife, Cow Hollow is a lively neighborhood showcasing all the draws of San Francisco living. It’s one of the city’s busiest districts, with a close connection to its northern neighbor, the Marina. Due to their unified popularity, the streets are always crowded with organized chaos both day and night. Union Street is the central thoroughfare in the neighborhood, offering an array of swanky bars, eateries, spas, design-label clothiers, and more. At its northern border is Lombard Street, lined with touristy hotels and restaurants with more mainstream appeal. Cow Hollow is also home to its share of San Francisco history: The Octagon House, built in 1861, is one of only three remaining octagonal houses remaining in the city. The steep, rolling hills of Cow Hollow are lined with Victorian and Edwardian era single-family homes — along with Deco-era apartment buildings — boasting unparalleled views.

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Living in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most naturally beautiful metropolitan areas in the world. It’s full of hills, thrills, and, for a surprising number of summer days, chills. It’s had a culture — and counterculture — of creativity from the day it was founded, and that has made it a world capital. For decades, almost any tectonic shift in global thinking — from farm-to-table cuisine to disruptive tech — has had its start here. Beauty and vitality and watery borders have made the city a precious place in terms of availability and cost, but that doesn’t stop people from chasing their own cable car dreams. San Francisco is very much a neighborhood-delineated city, and different areas not only have their own distinct cultures and architectures, but also unique geologies and even weather patterns. There are, of course, literal tectonic shifts here, and San Franciscans tend to take the shakes with only slightly worried amusement.