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Get to know Pacific Heights

Pacific Heights is a San Francisco classic, a neighborhood that sits a few hundred feet above sea level offering spectacular views, old-world Victorian charm, and a contemporary, upscale atmosphere. This exclusive yet hip district is a perfect blend of the old and the new. Representative of sophistication, Pacific Heights features some of the most exclusive homes in all of San Francisco. It exudes classic architecture easily found in the grand mansions that adorn this high-end neighborhood historically known as home to the city’s most prominent residents. Today, it still beckons to successful entrepreneurs, business tycoons, philanthropists, and celebrities who seek a spot among the handful of local families that made their fortunes during the Gold Rush. A walk like no other starts on the famed Lyon Street Steps. At the summit, the amazing views include the Palace of Fine Arts Dome, San Francisco Bay, the Presidio forest, and the perfectly landscaped lawns of the mansions of Pacific Heights. Famed Fillmore Street cuts through the middle of tony Pacific Heights from north to south. It is well-known for its upscale boutiques, destination restaurants, sidewalk cafes, and trendy bars. Lafayette and Alta Plaza parks are each bubbling public green spaces attracting neighborhood residents and other locals for relaxation and fun including tennis and playgrounds for children. The unparalleled panoramic views of the city by the Bay, combined with the charm and flair of Pacific Heights entice the more affluent folks searching to put down roots here.

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Living in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most naturally beautiful metropolitan areas in the world. It’s full of hills, thrills, and, for a surprising number of summer days, chills. It’s had a culture — and counterculture — of creativity from the day it was founded, and that has made it a world capital. For decades, almost any tectonic shift in global thinking — from farm-to-table cuisine to disruptive tech — has had its start here. Beauty and vitality and watery borders have made the city a precious place in terms of availability and cost, but that doesn’t stop people from chasing their own cable car dreams. San Francisco is very much a neighborhood-delineated city, and different areas not only have their own distinct cultures and architectures, but also unique geologies and even weather patterns. There are, of course, literal tectonic shifts here, and San Franciscans tend to take the shakes with only slightly worried amusement.