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Get to know New Suffolk

Occupying merely 0.6 square miles on the water in the North Fork, New Suffolk awaits. Due to its particular location, it should come as no surprise that this area has quite a connection to that water. However, what may be a slight shock is that this small hamlet calls itself the country’s “First Submarine Base,” a claim with some actual clout behind it. The U.S. Navy’s first modern commissioned submarine — the USS Holland (SS-1) — was briefly based in New Suffolk around the turn of the 20th century, along with five other “Plunger class” Holland vessels. Nowadays, boats of a different class set out on the Peconic as residents and visitors sail past the New Suffolk beachfront and Robins Island. Meanwhile, paddleboarders take advantage of calmer settings in the hamlet’s creeks. The cherry on top? Coastal views from beachfront properties for those lucky enough to have such a residence.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

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Living on the North Fork

As far as descriptive names go, it doesn’t get much more straightforward than the North Fork of Long Island. See where Long Island splits at Riverhead? Well, the North Fork is the piece to the north. Perceived as the more reserved sibling of the East End’s twin tines, the North Fork is no less enticing than the Hamptons — it’s just a different speed. Up here, there's a bonafide viticultural culture. Vineyards number in the dozens, thriving in the maritime climate. Long Island’s agricultural ancestry carries through to the present, as local growers sell produce, flowers, cheese, and other wares at farmstands throughout the area. It all — plus proximity to Connecticut and Rhode Island (bridged by the Cross Sound Ferry) — amounts to a vibe that hews closer to New England than it does New York. The North Fork can be an escape to another world, despite being under 100 miles away from where you departed.