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Get to know Remsenburg

Remsenburg is the Hamptons without the shine of a spotlight or stoplight. This bayside hamlet is heaven for those seeking a no-frills take on the region’s unfettered beauty and deep history. Commerce and the general idea of “downtown” are virtual non-entities here. Instead, the Remsenburg streets are primarily residential and lined with gorgeous homes — an alluring mix of historic residences and more modern manses. It’s an attitude of hidden quietude that has drawn countless notable residents, including beloved 20th-century humorist P.G. Wodehouse and Marvel Comics mastermind Stan Lee. Geography can get a little confusing in Remsenburg with Eastport to the west and Westhampton to the east, and a northern border with bucolic Speonk that’s always up for debate. Luckily, when you sail out on Moriches Bay or stare across it from the shoreline in Remsenburg, there’s no mistaking the serene slice of the Hamptons you occupy.

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Living in the Hamptons

A conglomerate of towns, hamlets, and villages along the scenic shores of New York, the Hamptons name carries a heft of weight behind it. For some, the Hamptons double as a location and a lifestyle: the lavish lap of luxury outside the ever-churning grind of New York City. It’s where the level to which oceanfront property is coveted can only be matched by that of a tee time. For others, well, the location and lifestyle criteria still apply, albeit in a far more laid-back manner. So if your idea of “escape” doesn’t involve ornate gatherings and rubbing shoulders with celebrities, worry not: there's a section of the Hamptons carved out for you too. Overall, the area still has a rural atmosphere, calling back to a history rich in agriculture and fishing and cementing its reputation as the archetypal summer getaway spot.