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Get to know Westhampton Beach

It can undoubtedly be arrogant to put “beach” in the name of your village, only to underwhelm in the sand by the ocean department. Thankfully, casual Westhampton Beach is blessed with the gift of shoreline, fully delivering on the promise of its name. Right over the bay, across the respective drawbridges at Jessup and Beach lanes, spectacular white sand beaches run along Dune Road. Cupsogue Beach County Park is situated on the far western end of the sandy strip, winning plaudits for its beauty, lack of crowds, and soft sands. Under two miles east, Pike’s Beach offers a similar secluded vibe with the bonus — for some — of no vendors. Still, the most popular, in-demand stretch of sand in Westhampton Beach is Rogers Beach. It is pretty much a straight shot off Beach Lane, enticing residents and visitors alike with the same ocean appeal, plus all the amenities.

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Westhampton Beach History & Culture

Suppose you want to learn about Westhampton Beach’s history. In that case, the best place to do so is at the Westhampton Beach Historical Society, which serves to preserve the village’s past and provides exhibitions and education toward that goal. Believe it or not, this tiny village is home to three buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. One is the Cape Cod-style Foster-Meeker House, the oldest surviving building in Westhampton Beach, c.1835. Unfortunately, the event that most impacted the village’s story happened in 1938, when the Great New England Hurricane destroyed homes, submerged the downtown, and carved the Shinnecock Inlet. But it’s certainly not all doom and gloom; the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center has been an institution since 1932, bringing all varieties of performers to the village’s sandy shores.

Westhampton Beach Dining & Shopping

Perfectly accentuating its small-town atmosphere, the main street of Westhampton Beach is called, simply, Main Street. It is there where you’ll find unpretentious shopping options and the largest cluster of local eateries. Comfort foods beckon, as do hearty breakfasts and tasty pastries. Considering the village’s placement on the water, it should go without saying that seafood is prevalent. The same can be said of the ability to get distracted while eating because you’re too busy enjoying the sunset. And for those who believe that no summer day spent by the ocean is complete until you have ice cream, rest assured Westhampton Beach feels the same. Grab yourself the biggest cone you can manage, and reflect well on a day well spent at the beach, out on a boat, and now trying to finish that ice cream before it melts all over your hand.