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Get to know Knightsen

A quaint and friendly place, Knightsen offers a delightful respite from urban life and a step back in time. Settled by the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad in 1898, boasts an equine population that equals (if not rivals) its homosapien equivalent. It’s home to California’s oldest 4-H club and the local Farm Bureau Hall, built in 1922 and still used for local holiday celebrations. As expected for a valley town, farming flourishes here: apricots, alfalfa, grapes, walnuts and sunflowers being just some of the choice crops. Nearby Petersen Vineyard, which bottles the now-famous Diablo Sunset label, is a mainstay in the up-and-coming Contra Costa wine region. Best of all: Much of the community lies within the agricultural conservation zone put forward in the general plan of neighboring Brentwood, helping ensure its rusticated charm remains far into the future.

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Living in the California Delta

Set where the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers meets Suisun Bay, the Delta forms a natural gateway between the bustle of the Bay Area and the bountiful Central Valley. Golden, windswept hills give a watercolor backdrop to the region, home to half a million residents across Contra Costa, Solano and their adjacent counties. The towns here range from suburban to rural-adjacent, with convenient access to major interstates putting the entire state at your fingertips. Water is central to life in the delta and the boating is unbeatable, some of the best anywhere in the country. It’s not uncommon to catch the curious sight ocean-bound ships gliding through the farm fields towards Stockton, the state’s third-largest port. Many area residents enjoy docks right in their backyards, making it easy to cast off for an afternoon of watersports or lunch at a nearby seafood shack.