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Get to know Quogue

Though the number of residents hovers around a mere 1,000 in Quogue’s five square miles, this shoreside village is among the more esteemed spots on the South Fork. Surfers, literary folks, and lovers of historic homes will find much to enjoy among the endless dunes and tall grasses. More than anything, however, Quogue offers what can sometimes be fleeting among the Hamptons’ bustle: peace and quiet. Quogue has remained subdued even after rapidly accelerating to summer resort status in the mid-to-late 19th century. It is “the Hampton that time forgot,” as Tony-winning playwright, Oscar-nominated screenwriter, and longtime resident Arthur Laurents once put it. There is perhaps no better location on the East End to take a notepad out to the dunes and start crafting the Great American Novel. Just remember to strip off your wetsuit first.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Quogue History & Culture

Quogue has a long, sleepy history dating as far back as the mid-17th century. By the early 20th century, however, the village had seen country estates dropped onto former farmland while the earliest weekenders erected now-iconic shingle-style homes. Nearly 250 of those structures built over the centuries — plus the Tom Bendelow-designed Quogue Field Club golf course — make up the nationally recognized Quogue Historic District. Despite often being referred to as “the un-Hamptons,” Quogue still has that sought-after feel. Most excitement around the village comes in the form of tasty waves and nature pursuits. Though the East End of Long Island isn’t as identified with totally tubular surfing as, say, the North Shore of Oahu, local and visiting surfers alike revere Quogue for its world-class right-hand breaks. Near the area’s northern edge, the Quogue Wildlife Preserve is home to many noble neighbors, including foxes, owls, and tortoises.

Quogue Dining & Shopping

If there is any downside to the tranquil Quogue lifestyle, it could be seen as its lack of dining options immediately within the village borders. That is not to say you’ll go starving wandering down Jessup Avenue or Quogue Street. Options for sustenance do exist; they’re just limited. Fortunately, adjacent villages — whose geographies relative to Quogue are incredibly simple to remember — more than pick up the slack: Westhampton Beach to the west and East Quogue to the east supply fine dining, waterside dining, happy hours, and brunches. Lack of choices also holds true for retail, but again, your neighbors will have your back with a slate of unpretentious shopping choices. But for everything up to and including tote bags, artwork, and dog collars, you’ll find treasures all around Quogue.