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Get to know Reno

Reno bills itself as “the biggest little city in the world.” And while the heart of that statement is still true — that this dot in the desert contains every sort of amenity, high and low — the city just isn’t that small anymore. It has become a tech-driven metropolis, where newcomers from coast to coast have propelled a housing and development boom. The dollars go further here, sure, but so do the horizons, and with more than 300 days of annual sunshine, there’s a huge outdoor culture that plays in the deserts and the mountains just beyond.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Reno History & Culture

In the 1850s, gold was discovered right outside of the Reno area near Virginia City. This led to the discovery of Silver, which then led to the Comstock Lode, the mining rush that brought in thousands of immigrants hoping to find a fortune. Although Nevada is considered the “Silver State,” it accounts for about 78% of total US gold production and 5% of the world's gold production. The Reno area is also known for cultivation, and with its fertile soil, agriculture and livestock are among its most important industries along with gaming and tourism. Of late, the city has reinvented itself as a business-friendly metropolis becoming an important site for major corporate development, particularly for the tech industry. Even with Reno’s development and growth, it’s still one of roughly six places in the nation where you can still spot wild horses roaming through its neighborhoods. With its close proximity to Lake Tahoe, which is the largest Alpine lake in North America, Reno truly shines in the outdoors. Residents are close to more than a dozen great ski resorts, countless hiking and biking trails, and rivers and lakes for water sports. The beautiful Truckee River that flows directly through downtown bolsters many family fun events including Reno River Festival and Artown, a citywide, monthlong free art festival. Between the desert and the mountains — and between an Old West past and a high-tech future — Reno couldn’t be better positioned.

Reno Dine & Shop

Reno is a city of a quarter of a million people, so you can find anything you’d expect in a midsized American city — but there’s an added layer of fun here. Because of the city’s lure as a gaming destination, its vibrant restaurant scene caters to tourists with wine caves and wagyu steak, and all the over-the-top excess you need after a win at the baccarat table. There are other less clichéd choices as well, especially in the popular Midtown area. One can find an array of eclectic local bars, boutiques, and eateries. You’ll never go hungry or thirsty in Reno. Of note is the well-loved Depot Craft Brewery Distillery at 325 E. Fourth St. (pictured here, courtesy of The Depot). Reno isn’t known as a shopping destination, though the tourist influx and business-friendly leases have helped keep a lot of quirky local shops and boutiques in business, especially downtown. For all other needs, there are malls and shopping centers galore.